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marthadel 01-27-2007 12:52 PM

Old Friends Gone But Never Forgotten
I've been vising this site for a few years now. Always searching for those
old friends of mine who still I don't find on this site. I'm hoping that they
will find this site. We need to let everyone know about this website. Send an email with this website as an attachment to all your friends asking them to
visit and view the Discussion Forums and Guess Book.

Many people leave messages but no current email. If you are a member, please update your email address, let your friends know about the website.
If you see a name you know and someone is looking for that person and you
know where to find them, let them know an old friend is looking for them. We
need to all work together here. That means going a little out of your way to make someone happy.

The list of friends I havebeen looking for:
Yvonne Plaza from Wagner Projects (had a brother name Valentino who was a Black Belt and was killed)

Jack (had a cousing they called Blue Lips due to a heart condition). lived
in the Wagner Projects. I think he was Polish.

Nelson lived in 10 Paladino. was always helping Gene Bracco with errands.

My new email marthadelvalle@semtribe.com

Happy New Year To Everyone And God Bless.

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