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rellymo 05-17-2002 12:00 AM

America did wrong and she must pay. Reparations are long over due for Black people in America. Several American businesses, companies, organizations, and communities benefited from slavery, because America was built on slavery. Everything we see in America today, was built on slavery. The boot cut cotton denim Levi 501, the 2002 luxurious fully loaded Ford Expedition, the Fleet Boston Corparation, hell, America's first president was born on a Virginia plantation had over 22,000 acres of land and well over 400 black slaves (each 3 slaves being counted as 1 meaning he trully owned over 1200 hundred black slaves) his grand father John Washington owned black slaves in the late 1600's.
America built long term economic securtiy off slave labor. In 1790, 4 million people lived in America and 800 thousand were black slaves (20%, each 3 slaves being counted as 1 meaning there were a total of 2.4 million over half the population). America used black slaves to farm land not as a business, but as a subsistence way of life for their family households.
However, in the 1790's warring European nations looked to American farms for food and American farmers responded with high prices using black slave labor to move the nation from subsistence agriculture to market farming. The transition to the market affected every part of America and she enormouslly wealthy without paying any retribution to black slaves or decendents and today she still doesn't share the wealth.

The Problems On Your Problems With Reparations

1. Black people in America today are affected physically, mentally, spiritually, and economically by slavery. We envy each other, distrust one and other, and kill each other daily without conciousness. This is not happening in other communities. Look at white people in America, they laugh, argue, fight and build together. They own they're communities and it's been this way since the birth of America. The conditions we as black people, live in America today are preset from birth, racist traps are designed to keep us from achieving, while presets conditions for whites in America are designed for them to prosper.

2. The majority of black people born in America are direct decendents of slaves, our great grand anchestors were black owned slaves, the master has always controlled demographics and told us what to believe. The truth is African Americans are the majority in America and have always been. Just look at it this way, a successful company or business usually have a sole owner or maybe a partnership between a couple of people but a successful company doesn't have 5 employers and 1 employee, it's the other way around and from day one it was more of us than them. You only needed one master but you needed several slaves to labor to become successful, you do the mat!

3. The should not be a middle class of African Americans, we should all be wealthy because our anchestors slave labor enabled America to gain infinite economic security.

4. Whites did not die fighting to free slaves in the civil war, they fought because they had to protect their assets.

5. African Americans are victims, victims of circumstance, victims of persecution, victims of injustice, victims of inhumanity. We're still facing the same problems we faced 400 years ago, no justice, peace, freedom, or equality, we just survive day by day the best we know how. America denied us education, prosperity, wealth, freedom of religion, creativity, culture, and GOD against our will and this is still going today. Tell me I'm not a victim!

6. Americans don't pay reparations because they are ashamed of themselves. Paying reparations would mean America would have to admit to committing one of the world's most horrible acts in history. To pay reparations would go against the very pricinples America was built upon. George Washington would not stand for that, this is they're world and every thing in it. She doesn't have a place for GOD, the almighty dollar is her master all she cares about is her power, wealth, and current crusade.

7. Every nation that prospered from slavery should pay the decendents of free laborers because dues have already been paid, the nations are wealthy.

8. Every African American should be entitled to land, property, free education, livestock, machinery, businesses, cash, and credit.

9. Justice is not for just slaves it for Just-Us, direct decendents of free slave laborers that built enormous wealth for this nation. Reparations will be justice because there is nothing else to give. Admit you wrong doing, correct it and move on.

10.There's no change without war, a "civil war" is just what we need since we are not viewed as civilized people in America.

11.We don't need apologizes, we need money to rebuild our communities, restructure our families, provide opportunities for future generations and re create America.

12.We pay taxes any way so taxes are an issue, our debt has already been paid in full by our anchestors free labor. Without the labor of black slaves America would not exist as she does. Black slaves provided so much wealth for America we don't need to pay taxes on reparations, but we will pay taxes on our land, property, businesses, and profits we make from reparartions.

Jose 05-20-2002 10:28 PM

Thanks for replying and adding to the discussion. I must disagree with you on a few points though. First, not all current day African Americans are decendents of slaves. We have new comers from Africa (image that!), and from the carribean. Surely, they are not entitled to any reparations?

I disagree with your characterization of African-Americans being victims. It's this whole victim thing which I believe really keeps all of us down. If we expended as much energy toward moving forward as has been spent on looking back, we'd arrived to the promise land by now.

I choose to move forward. Those who do not will stay behind.

rellymo 08-19-2006 11:01 AM

answer this
The bottom line is we are AFRICAN AMERICANS (property of The United States Of America), in AMERICA (the country) owned by the world's largest corporation, THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (the world's largest corporation built on the backs of free slave labor)

Jose 11-20-2006 01:43 PM

I doubt it. You never experienced being an African Slave, hence you deserve non of the reparations. Only those who experienced it over 150 years ago deserve reparations. Anyone living in this country has it better than those currently living in any other country.

LSRA 12-08-2006 12:54 PM

The Other Countries Of This World Could Be Doing Much Better If It Wasn't For The Country With The Biggest Guns. This Is Why Anytime Any Country Wants To Be Treated With Respect They Start Looking For A Big Gun. Right Away Usa Becomes Accusatory.

This Country Harnessed Its Power From The 400+ Years Of Free Labor Which Was Followed By Economic Windfalls Of Profiteering That Has Not Yet Been Duplicated In The Post Slavery Era. However The Jails Are Coming Close To Making More Money Per Individual Prisoner Than A Slave Back In The Day.

Reparations Is Not Only Just Its Coming. Spain Better Be Ready As They Owe My Ancestors Mucho Dinero And As Puerto Ricans We Better Claim Our Due.


Jose 02-17-2007 04:39 PM

There would be no other countries as they now exist if it were not for the United States. The same United States that has lifted Europe out of the caos of the post world war years, the same America that ensured that the Soviet Union did not swallow up most of the world. If it were not for the United State, you would now be living under communism.

I must admit, it is easy to imagine our present day world without the United States, except that most of the world as we know it would just not exist!!. Other forces (communism, and now fanatical Islam) would have taken over. You would not have the freedom to write in this forum were it not for the glorious power and might of these United States. God has us here for a purpose.

Or do you believe that all men are good and the world would resort to peaceful living with the U.S.?

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