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DVP 08-18-2005 06:26 AM

New York City Teenage Gangs from the 1950's
Hello All,

I am doing some research on the old school "bopping" or "rumbling" gangs from 1955-1959 and have come across some references to some Harlem gangs like the Dragons (Puerto Rican) and the powerful Red Wings (Italian).

There was one particular murder by seven Red Wings that stands out. It happened on Memorial Day in 1958. They murdered a Cuban sitting with his girlfriend in Jefferson Park.

I am looking for anyone that would want to correspond with me on this topic as I am constructing a book on this very topic.

I can be reached at david@nospamvanpelt.on.ca (take "nospam" out when emailing), or you can post here on the board.

I hope to hear from some folks on this topic.


David Van Pelt

netso 09-28-2005 01:56 PM

More names
Norsemen (SAC)
SAC stands for Social Athletic Club, however they were quite vicious on occasion.

apachie 01-09-2006 09:22 PM

Don't look at the past and bring back negative news. Puerto Ricans are moving foward into main stream society. Why reflect the past? AS YOU CAN SEE NO ONE IS INTERESTED IN YOUR STUDIES. I don't think you want to see revenge Forget-as boud -it

ricland 06-02-2006 09:18 AM

Are you serious, Apachie?

Your book-burning mentality is something negative from the past itself.

Anyway, I lived in east Harlem during the 50s. I'm 57 years old. sorth of 119th street as far as the 90s, there was a large and vibrant Italian community -- "little Italy, that ran all the way to the East River.

In fact, "Fat" Tony Salano, a Luchesse capo, had his store front "social club" on 115th between First and Palamino avenues.

Some of those old gombas are still there. Right along first avenue and the East River. They still have a couple of resturants and whatnot.

These would be the guys to visit and talk to. They would remember.

Also, be sure to read Asbury's "The gangs of New York" for background info.


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