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ydejesus331 05-10-2005 08:43 PM

JHS 45 Reunion
I have been dying to get together with old pals from my JHS 45 years. I attended JHS 45 from 7 - 9 grade. The years were 1978 - 1980 I think. Its so sad not to remember when you attended JHS. Maybe its age. Just in case anyone from the old school has found this site and has been communicating, I would like help in how to obtain an old year book from JHS 45 during those years and also finding some of my old pals that may still live in the area. I remember meeting an old friend Darlene Perry who works with the city now and she recognized me before I did her. I also remember the start of gang activity at JHS 45 while Mr. Bernstein was still principal.

Any help on how to start a reunion or get old information. :eek: :confused:

Connee Armanis 06-22-2006 10:02 PM

:confused: Hello,Jose
I attended JHS 45 in l962, and I can't find anyone from that time
either. I know it was along time ago, the Prinicipal at that time
was Mrs.Pearl Shutman. We had our graduation ceremony on
June 25.1962 at Ben Franklin HS. I had many good friends at that
time, and it seems as if they never existed. Well I wish you better
luck then I've had. I imagine the school has changed very much in
these 40+ years. My home room teacher was Mr.Burton London.
correction: I attended from l960-62. If by some chance, someone
from that "era" sees this post, please reply.


Connee Armanis 07-27-2006 11:06 PM

what happened to
:( well, I was disappointed that not one person responded to my
post, but oh well, such is life. Now, perhaps someone knows what
happened to George and Mary Cutrone who ran the little grocery
store between First and Paladino, opposite the Wagner houses.
Many a time did I go in there and buy fresh Italian hero sandwiches
and a a coke, and go sit in Jefferson Park, many,many,summers ago.
Does anyone know what happened to them and the store? I no
longer in NY; and am curious about the old neighborhood. They
were up in age, and I am sure they are deceased, but any infor
would be appreciated.

marthadel 08-30-2006 06:47 PM

I Remember Harlem
I remember my JHS very well. The best times of life where at Roberts. Had alot of good friends. I grew up in the Wagner Projects, 10 Paladino Ave. I also attended PS80 across from Roberts.

I remember so many things about PS80. I remember Assembly in the auditorium, all the songs we sang, patriotic and religous. That was when freedom of speech was for real. No one said anything about reading the Bible in Assembly or singing of religous songs.

I also remember the Walt Disney cartoon movies they showed once a week in the early evening. I think they charged 10 cents.

If anyone remembers email me mvalle621@aol.com

Connee Armanis 09-28-2006 07:17 PM

someone at last!
:) Hi, it was good to hear from someone who came from the
old neighborhood, I visited recently and it was sad to see so many
changes, but I guess that is life. The movie cartoons were on
Fri and cost a dime. I also passed Jefferson Park, and all I could
do was remember the long ago summers I spent there. I was nice

sincerely, connee

Connee Armanis 10-07-2006 10:55 PM

my visit
:o Hello,Connee here:

I just want to say, I visited the "neighborhood" recently and it has
changed so much; it was strange to see a place I grew-up in, look
so different. PS 80 is some sort of medical clinic, and I went into
JHS45 for the first time in over 40yrs, and it just seemed so strange.
The "staff" running the "center program" was very nice and accommo-
dating; I also saw they named my street; East 120 & First ave for
someone named Robert Rodriguez who died on 9/11 in the Towers.
I'm guessing he lived on that street. All I can say is, it is true, you
can never "go home" again. I doubt I will ever go there again, the
past exists only in my memory now. I am sure as more decades pass,
it will begin to look more 'georaphically different" I guess it will
become someone elses memories. I just wanted to share this with
others from my 'time."
sincerely, connee armanis

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