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covergerl 05-16-2008 03:31 PM

Does anyone know or remember Vito?
Please help!

I'm trying to desperately find or get in contact with Vito, an Italian man who used to hang out in East Harlem around the mid1970s-present.

He used to hang out around Fat's Pet Shop on 2nd ave bet. 118th and 119th street and also at Vinny's Pet Shop on East 116th Street. His nickname was Vito "Jap" because his eyes were a bit Asian-like. He had a younger brother, Jr.

He was raised on 121st off the corner in off 2nd ave.

He eventually worked in construction for Local 59.

Does anyone remember him at all or have any contact with him?

Most of the people, I remember from Fat's; Fat, Whitey, Al, and Vinny have all passed on.

I'm trying to find him before it's too late. he would be at least in his mid70s today.

Please PM me or post your reply.

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