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LSRA 09-21-2007 03:35 PM

Jena 6
Not Unlike Rosa Park' Behavior Jump Starting The Civil Right Movement, The Jena 6 Is The Modern Day Spark Needed To Do Battle In The Civil Rights Front In America Today.....this Is The Time To Stick Together People Of Color....don't Be Fooled By Others Indifferences Together We Can Balance The Scales Of Justice Moreso Than Any Power On This Earth. What Happened In Jena Has Been Happening Everywhere Including In East Harlem Between 102nd Street And 100th Street And First Ave..do I Need To Tell You Why?


Jibaro 10-16-2007 03:27 AM

I think we all have a relationship - on this board - with East Harlem /
El Barrioo. Some of us currently are residents of the communitty, some of us are considerining to choose El Barrio as our new community, and yet others are former residents of El Barrio.

We all can contribute our experiences to document accurately the written (and the spoken) "Times" of "El Barrio/East Harlem," as only the persons whom have lived, struggled,strived and died with East Harlem/El Barrio as one their bases of operation in the day-to-day game of life within "The Land of Opportunity."

Continue to contribute to the effort of accuracy of the life and times of
El Barrio/East Harlem by sharing your reference to what happened, or is happening between 100 and 102nd street and first avenue.


LSRA 10-16-2007 06:33 PM

Jena On 100-102nd And First
First Let Me Say I Thought This Forum Was Dead....just The Fact That Everyone Reads And Has No Comment Either Way Is Scary...thanks For Your Interest.....

The Area Of 100 And 102nd Street And First Avenue Has Been A Harassment Zone For Local Police Of Those That Have Been Living In The Area And Saw The Condos Go Up.....teenagers Are Stopped And Search At Random Over 5 Shoting At Least One Fatal By Police Has Transpired....police Cars Continuously Provoke Our Children At The Request Of Those That Recently Moved Into Our Neighborhood. New Rules Of Quiet Ness No Loud Music, No Drumming After A Specific Time...no Crowds Etc.....non Of These Behaviors In Themselves Are Violent Or Provoke Delinquency Yet The Pressure Increases And The Fight For Land Space And Rules Of Engagement Are All Being Defined By One Side....we Need To Address This Before The Explosion....this Scenario Is Being Repeated All Over Harlem In Different Fronts....like Jena 6 We Have A Right To Live In Peace Even If We Cannot Afford The Condos Or Homes. We Have A Right To Live Any Where We Want...this Is A Human Right. We Cannot Be Pushed Out So Easily Without A Reactions......


Jose 12-28-2007 12:57 AM

The Jena 6 situation must be adjudicated with justice. I don't mean the Al Sharpton type of justice which is always demanding an outcome before the facts are in and is always bias toward African Americans. All in the Jena 6 must be tried for assault. Both the whites and African Americans did wrong and should be punished for it. Assault is assault. Remember Justice is color blind. Al Sharpton is not.

LSRA 12-28-2007 09:38 AM

If Justice Was Colorblind We Would Not Need Sharpton, Malcolm Or King. Jena Is An Outgrowth Of The Jim Crow South. The Playing Field Of The Present Justice System Is Founded On An Uneven Justice System Of The Past. The Playing Field For Those Of Color Has Never Been Fair Nor Blind. Hence A Fair Trial For The Same Crime Between A White And A Black Will Never Be Equal Nor Fair ...if They Can Change The Rules Of The Game {in Example Sean Bell Case Being Held Outside Queens,} Why Can We Change The Rules In Our Behalf Or At Least Demand Equal Justice.....?


Jose 01-07-2008 10:31 PM

Who made up this stuff about a "level playing field". First that will never happen as we all have better and lesser abilities. Maybe you can sing, but I can't, I can work well with computer, but maybe you don't. See what I mean. How does one even quantify "levelness"? Playing field politics is always about how to turn dissatisfaction into political protest. Martin Luther King never promised outcomes, just the chance to try. We have the right to seek happiness, but not guaranteed happiness.

And just how does leaning justice toward us minorities fair? What is says is that we are not "enough" to demand fair justice. It makes us appear weak. As if we need help. We will win some in the courts and loose some. Assault is assualt and I don't believe in "hate crimes". One should never punish thought, just the act. I can hate people all day long in my head, but as long as I don't act upon it, then I have committed no crime. Hate crimes punish motive, and the act. How about punisning those who would tax us to death, those who "hate" the middle class and wish to steal money to support that which I would not support myself. I'd rather give money to honest organizations and not the American left. Tag your it.

LSRA 01-08-2008 03:55 PM

generation x
obviously we are from different generations and prespective. however to say at this time an day that justice is justice and equally dispense, is to me a form of identifying with those elements in our society that feel that black, latinos, asians and all those people of color crying are just misfits because society is never at fault. the individual is at fault for his misfortune and he cannot never blame 500 years of slavery discrimination and oppression overtly and presently covertly for his demise. You would say look at Obama etc etc. he is running for president etc.

listen closely follow the sean bell case and how it is being moved away from Queens. Look at the assault on those poor in New Orleans whose housing projects are being destroy although they are not damaged. Look at East Harlem and how we are being squeezed out although we deny the pressure and feel we are safe.

generation X is disconnected, and are not historically connected to the past facts of racism and the evolutions of that institution into more sophisticated forms of exploitation and oppression. I always remember the joke of a proud puerto rican in south carolina riding in a car with 4 black college friends. the police stopped the car and said you niggars better get out the car. the puerto rican stays in the car. the police looks at him and says "you are one of those spanish speaking niggars" and proceeded to get him out the car....For that one moment that Puerto RIcan felt he could identify with something other than his blackness and he was wrong....as we are all when we identify with the aggressor.


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