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former106and1st 01-06-2003 04:26 PM

First of all I just wanted to say hello to all on this site. I lived on 106th and 1st for a couple years during the 90's bounced around a bit since, although retaining alotttta the contacts I made while there. I am currently in the process of opening a business in the 'hood, that I hope would benefit many.

Just wanted to let all know, If there is any help I can offer on either Hardware or Software, I'm more than happy to help.

Also, if there are any Youngsters-in-sports folks on here.... LETS GO CAROSEL!!!!!

:cool: :cool: :cool: :cool:


Jose 01-07-2003 04:12 PM

Thanks, we could use the help. Does anyone have any questions about Hardware or Software?

Jose 03-05-2003 03:47 PM

Any takers?

VirtualBoricua 06-23-2004 02:29 PM

I have tons of questions for you guys...
I am looking for low-cost (free, if possible) links or software to create (1) an open forum/message board, (2) a live chat and/or (3) a search page for my website: http://www.virtualboricua.org and would appreciate any information or links you can provide. I am not interested in using anything that requires banner advertising or that is not adaptable in terms of design. I like all the options that Yahoo Groups offers, for example, but I want something that's more original and I don't want to spend a lot of money.

Secondly, I tried to create horizontal drop-down menus using both DreamWeaver and Xara Webstyle 4.0, but couldn't quite figure out how to get the menus to show on uploaded pages (Xara works great on photo albums and headers, etc.). I have opted for AllMenu temporarily but the software requires me to link each and every new page created before uploading. Any suggestions?

Thirdly, I would like to include a few audio (and possibly video) files. How do I go about doing this (what is needed in terms of software and hardware)?

Finally, Jose, I love the setup for this forum (and your news and photos sections). Could you explain the software and pocedures that are involved (cost, links, etc.). For example, what the heck is Movable Type and how do I learn how to use it without reading 500-page manual?


Jose 07-01-2004 01:41 AM

For all the software I use, Movable Type, Forum Software, Guestbook software, etc. there is no way around reading the instructions and buying books to learn how to operate them. It's either that or getting someone else to do the work for you. But even just operating the above mentioned software takes a small investment of time spent mostly reading.

I can understand your frustration in that you just wish to get the work done. I am lucky to be blessed with the love of reading the same books most people don't want too. I will help out whenever possible.

Hope you like the latest forum at your site. Let me know.

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