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carmen quinones 05-24-2001 01:55 AM

What a mess
Again what a mess in East Harlem everyone wants to run. I really would like for all candidates to volentarily take a drug test. one because I want the best person in office. Two why is it we always find out later that their is something wrong with our elected officials and drug use, it would prove that they have nothing to hide and futhermore it would return my faith on who is really representing my consitituents properly. Futhermore we have so many issues in EastHarlem that are not being addressed by anyone who would I support the first one to take a drug test. I Hon.Carmen Quinones would also be the first to take that test there it is I challenge all in eastharlem who want to run to stand up and be counted lets restore the faith of the people in EastHarlem submit to a drug test its the right thing to do.

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