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Jibaro 02-23-2003 10:52 AM

Puerto Rican Diaspora
Puerto Rican Diaspora - The extinction of my beloved "El Barrio?"



Infoscout 02-27-2003 02:57 PM

Interesting article
I found it an interesting article. The sad truth is that as with all immigrant groups, Puerto ricans have reached the point where we leave the inner cities and move to the burbs. The reality is that there will always be a prescence but our future is in now away from the cities. Despite what local politicals feel.

Jose 02-28-2003 10:16 AM

Very well said. I guess that 'moving on' really means moving on.

Ana 04-16-2003 09:14 PM

El Barrio
With regard to the NYTimes article...I am a product of El Barrio. While it's true that as you get older you appreciate the better things of life, i.e., clean buildings, less noise, etc., you never forget the place where you grew up. I personally have fond memories of Spanish Harlem...I grew up in the Jefferson projects on 114th and First Avenue...right across the street from 'los Italianos'. I distinctly remember looking out the window and telling myself how lucky I was to be living in Manhattan...in El Barrio. But...ultimately, I ventured out of Manhattan and discovered that there were neighborhoods where people DO value clean, noiseless streets, clean buildings, etc. Funny, but the OLDER I get, the more I missed my "Barrio". I still live in Manhattan (Stuyvesant Town), but if I had to chose another place to move to, it would be El Barrio...simply because I STILL feel at home whenever I visit and because, of course, it's in Manhattan. Life is a cycle...everything 'moves' on...for better. Maybe we should start "giving" back to the community we grew up in to make it better in case we decided we want to go back 'home'. They say that you keep things alive by keeping the memories in your heart...EL BARRIO will always be there!

Jibaro 05-14-2003 12:38 AM

Re: Puerto Rican Diaspora
Originally posted by Jibaro
Puerto Rican Diaspora - The extinction of my beloved "El Barrio?"


Seems like the article on EHO's homepage is touching on the "Changing flavor" of the contunually shrinking El Barrio. The "Blurring" referred to in the article appears to be more of an erasure of the title of Spanish Harlem, And " The extinction of my beloved "El Barrio"

Bob Maida 06-24-2004 11:11 PM

Puerto Rican diaspora
I understand how you feel about everyone moving on
and out. Sad when our cultures and traditions start
to fade and we are assimilated into homogenous america
My Grandparents came over to E Harlem
from Italy along with thousands of countrymen
and populated E Harlem. Seeing how we were the new
immingrants, the Irish and German moved on out
to better homes and jobs with Italians doing the labor
they no longer wanted to do. We also did it for less.
WW2 came along and via the GI bill and war prosperity,
we were able to move out and on. By the end of 60s or so,
we were virtually gone.
Yes, I miss dearly the old days in E Harlem. It was a world in itself.
I wouldn't trade growing up there for anything.
It was full of real life with real people, but from what I see...it still is.
( East Harlem early history-- www.mountcarmelofeastharlem.com )

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