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Jose 10-05-2003 05:46 PM

Hypocritical Liberals
Just had to add my two cents in the Arnold Schwarzenegger scandales in California. It amazes me that Liberals are raising the issue of Schwarzenegger's 'groping' activities, when those same Liberals were quite silent on the same type of activities when President Clinton did them. They also raised the same issue with Senator Packwood, eventually driving him out of office. Where was N.O.W when Monica Lewinsky was being abused by a superior at the work site?

Any intelligent person will tell you that these accusations and the supposed emotion behind them are politically based. Shame on the Liberal left for being inconsistent on this issue. No woman should fear being groped or brought to her knees by any political figure. And when it happens, all should raise their voices against it, all the time. Not just when Republicans do it. This is why I abandoned the left in 1980s and have since moved to the middle, which the left considers the right. But that just goes to show how far left the left has gone.

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