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Jose 04-28-2001 12:21 AM

What do ya think about East Harlem Online?
f you have never been to the East Harlem Online web site, check it out before commenting here.(http://www.east-harlem.com). If you have visited the site, what do you think? How can it serve you better? What do you wish to see more of? How can it be improved? What don't you like? Does it look friendly enough?

Any comments on the web site are appreciated.
Don't forget to sign the guest book

muaddib 06-17-2001 07:19 AM

Great Website.
You need to update it and add more content regularly. Is that possible?

Who supports the site? I mean, who pays the bills? Is there a committee to join for it?

Ana 12-03-2002 06:20 PM

This web site is informative, interesting, and important! It invites educated people that are interested in the subjects that it offers. Keep up the excellent work. This is an IMPORTANT web site for Latinos....let's keep it!!!

Jose 12-04-2002 01:45 AM

Thanks for you kind comments Ana. I will do my best to keep it going. It's not going anywhere for as long as I can help it. I really love doing it. Again thanks, it's appreciated.

inmemoryof 02-15-2004 06:10 AM

If you build it they will come......???
Your creation is perfect.....I just wish I could give you an easy plan on how to get the word out that this web site exists.
I don't even remember how I tripped on it.....But there's many who would use it, if they just knew it existed.
Our childhood memories are our roots....we carry those memories in our hearts forever.
Are class reunions posted publicly anywhere? You could contact each reunion committee and they would help get the word out. They would probably let you speak at their reunion and hand out informative flyers/brochures.
Good luck....I hope you have increased activity with this site.
Pat from Ohio

Ana 02-15-2004 07:31 PM

East Harlem OnLine website
You're welcome, Jose!...one question, though...on several occasions I have received "x-rated" SPAM in response to comments I have made to your subjects and/or comments...how is it possible that a member of your web site can receive SPAM in place of a response either from you or anyone? Can you protect your members from receiving ugly spams?

Ana 02-15-2004 07:32 PM

Web site
P.S. I forgot to inform you that the ugly spams were submitted to me via my email address. Thanx.

Jose 02-16-2004 11:57 PM

You were probably "spoofed" that is when some spammer used your e-mail address (just the header stuff, not actually your e-mail server) to make believe he's you. Happens all the time.

Mariela 09-03-2004 04:36 PM

the website
hey, i'm new to this website. i had submitted an email to you about finding and supporting other latino's in my apt. search. I love this website and find it to be very useful, especially as someone new to the 'hood. it's very helpful to really understanding the fabric of this wonderful community.

the only complaint i have is that it is kind of wierd to navigate around the site, esp. this part (the forums). i'm not a computer genius, but neither am i ignorant and I think this is the first time i figured out how to post a reply, or anything for that matter. maybe a simpler navigation system or something that wasn't so many menus incide menus would be a little bit less intimidating. Good luck. and thanks again for providing this service to the community!

Jose 09-03-2004 07:59 PM

Hi Mariela,
Sorry about the complicated menu system. But I can not take the credit for it (I wish!!), this is vbulletin software, purchased for use on web sites. It's the most popular forum software around. It's a little complicated to install, but easy to use there after (ok for seasoned computer users like myself).

Give it a chance and be sure to read the user's manual (I know, who wants to have to read a manual), but it's pretty good. Go to the FAQ page at
http://www.east-harlem.com/forum/faq.php?. It's there to answer your questions.

Meanwhile, feel free to post to the forum. And again, Welcome!!! Thanks for registering.

hym 10-07-2004 07:50 AM

It has been a while!

It has been a couple of years (6/01) since I visited your website. I first came across your site when I was exploring a possible relocation to NYC. I was reminded to come back and check out your progress as a result of a nice little Birthday greeting that your website generated based on the information I provided on my profile. I turned 31 today. Thanks for the message as I think it is a great little touch! It reminds me of an ancient Indian (as is India) story that was once told to me. The story goes that their was this young man who basically traveled the world with no real purpose. Having been an orphan, this young man knew nothing about his family or even an idea as to when he had actually been born. As a result of this he always made a point of asking the people he met, when there birthday was. With that information, he would make certain to always send his newly formed friends a birthday card on their birthday. It was a way for him to honor and cherish their birth and maybe bring some meaning to his life!

Okay, enough about my story. So, since that last communication with you several years ago, I have moved from Philadelphia, to DC, to NYC (East 91st b/w 1&2), San Diego and currently in DC again. All this time, I have held on to my apartment in NYC because the location is great and the price has been decent! Anyway, during this time, I have been running my own sports/entertainment company (ESTRELLA Management International) where I focus on representation of Latino Talent. It too, has been a labor of love for me. While the Latino Talent out there has been remarkable, financing this venture has not been easy. Competing against bigger, better financed companies has been a challenge. Hey, nobody every said it would be easy! HA HA HA I have had to supplement my sports/entertainment pursuits by doing contract work at law firms (I have my law degree, which has been a saviour).

Anyway, I just wanted to touch base with you again as I would love nothing more than to finally meet you face-to-face. I value and appreciate what you have been doing with your website for so many years. Although I am not native to East Harlem (actually born in Mt. Sinai Manhattan and then lived in Queens until I was 5), I think East Harlem has never received the attention that maybe the rest of Harlem has despite being a haven to so many Latinos and other immigrants! As I mentioned, I have been spending most of my recent months down in DC, but I have been getting back up to my place on E. 91st as much as possible. I don't expect to be able to afford keeping that place for much longer, at least not while living outside of NYC, so hopefully you will have some time in the coming weeks to meet.

Once again, thank you for the great service you provide here and best of luck with your endevours.

Harold Yamil Mendez

Jose 12-06-2004 01:31 PM

Thanks for your kind comments. I love doing the site, so it comes easy, a little time consuming but easy. And I know what you mean about having your own labor of love, your company. Keep at it. Slowly, but surely, it will happen for you. I also have a small business, a web hosting business, which I grows slowly, but surely.

Let me know the next time you are in town so that we can meet.

Again thanks for your kind comments - Jose

SSR 06-22-2005 08:46 AM

Hello to everyone,

I like the idea very much. I hope people here will talk to each other and share experiences. In the other Harlem websites people do not talk to each other, and their forums are pretty empty. I hope this does not happen here.

I live in East Harlem, and enjoy the artistic's community many activities. We have many good artist, and poets here, and summer is the time to enjoy their talents. :)

By the way, why can't I use the avatar feature? It seems to be locked.

P.S.: Jose are you one of the artist that showed his work at 106 St. Galleria, you look familiar?


netso 09-28-2005 10:31 AM

by accident!!!`
Actually, I stumled into this site by accident. I was looking for old schools and friends. I am glad this site exists.

David Aponte 06-03-2006 03:39 AM

Sr.Jose Rivera Your Creation, this web site and the forum, is as Ann state on her comment "No Mete miedo, pero Si Mete Mano! keep up the good work! What is this thing called Podcast? Can we look forward to this on some time in the nerfuture. As a sculptor, is there a way for me and others artist to post photos of our latest work? On your East Harlem online web. It's hard to get a brake in the museum. If at all possible, A thread of others web masters and there site. like yours. that have to do with our Art and Culture. looking forwared to meeting you, in person. On my next visit to big apple if at all possible. Remember you have afirend here on the Island. and if here on the island give me a call ill, be more then happy to take you to Caguas. So you can see the frist Black park on the Island.
David Aponte Resto Palante!

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