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  1. Who created/sponsors East Harlem Online?

  2. How often is East Harlem Online Updated?

  3. What type of site visitors does this site get? Who are they?

  4. Like, why do you bother with it (maintaining the site) ?

  5. What do you do in the community? What is your philosophy?

  6. How can I find out more about you or East Harlem?

Who created/sponsors East Harlem Online?

East Harlem Online is created by Jose B. Rivera, a local East Harlem resident and community activist. The site is not sponsored by any organization or business. Though East Harlem Online reserves the right to obtain sponsorship or commercial advertisements in the future if it is done without sacrificing the integrity of the site and its mission. Mr. Rivera receives nothing but the satisfaction of highlighting his community to the world at large.

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How often is East Harlem Online Updated?

East Harlem Online is updated at least once every two weeks and sometimes more frequently. The Community News section of the site is updated at least monthly. In the near future the Community News will become a monthly feature of this site and will be updated as such.

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What type of site visitors does this site get? Who are they?

East Harlem Online gets all types of people visiting the site. From e-mail messages sent to the site the following types of people visit this site:
East Harlemites, a lot of college students; in particular from colleges such as Columbia University (School of Journalism), New York University, St. Johns (in NYC and in Minn.), former East Harlemites touching bases with their own neighborhood, other sites wishing to link to our site, Elected Officials, business people looking to cash in, news organizations (television, radio and print) and just regular plain old folks net surfing.

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Like, why do you bother with it (maintaining the site)?

Without seeming boastful, I have a love for my community and wish to show it off to the rest of the world, both it's good and bad parts. This site is based on reality. I also want the East Harlem community to have a place to call home on the internet. I want to be there for them. Why I got started in doing this type of thing will take a little explaining

I was always fascinated with old BBS systems (bulletin boards), but could never afford it. I also started the East Harlem Guardian a few years back during a political campaign, but found that publishing a paper newsletter was expensive. The most I ever printed were 100 copies of any issue. Hardly enough to get the word out. When the web came along I saw it for what it was, an opportunity to publish without the cost and with much greater distribution. My only regret is that not enough people in East Harlem have the computers necessary to access my site and others like it. But like television in the late 40s and early 50s, the programming content has to be there before the masses acquire the tool to use the new medium. For what good would TV or the Web be if people brought TVs or computers and there was nothing on to view? So I provide content knowing that each day another East Harlemite gets online and can contribute to and enjoy East Harlem Online.

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What do you do in the Community? What is you philosophy?

As I mentioned earlier, I am an East Harlem resident. I worked at a local city hospital (Metropolitan Hospital Center) where I was employed as a graphic artist. In my second life, I am a community activist. I have been a member of Community Board # 11, Treasurer of Community School Board # 4, a member of the Neighborhood Advisory Board # 11, the President of The People's Forum for Change (Councilman Adam Powell's Group), a member of The People For a New East Harlem ( a local issues and watchdog group) and of course the creator of East Harlem Online.

Although you may think this  a lot of work, it occupied just a third of my month. Weekend are used to update this site. I love my wife and children and prefer to spend as much time as possible at home. So anytime I am not at a meeting you can find me at home. I do not like to "hang-out". My general philosophy is that we must all contribute to the improvement of our communities. In helping our communities we help ourselves, we enable our environment to be cleaner and safer while helping our fellow man. As a Christian this is very important to me.

I dislike and will shed light on any community leaders who do community work just to improve their own economic situation. I believe in Free Enterprise and am a Moderate Democrat. Liberalism has helped and hurt our society and we must endeavor to use common sense and good judgment when trying to help others out of their economic plight. Ensuring that we do not imprison them to the bottom of the economic ladder by enslaving them in dependency. The goal of any social program should be to do such as good job that they are no longer necessary. The poor should not be forgotten, no matter what! Society is not obligated to help it's citizens, but how good would society be if it neglected them?

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How can I find out more about you or East Harlem?

Just send e-mail to jose@east-harlem.com and I will be happy to answer your questions. If you feel you need to see me let me know so that we can arrange a meeting. I am always happy to answer questions regarding this site. Feel free to make suggestions via the same e-mail address.

People often ask about the cost of maintaining this site. Believe me, it is not expensive. Not counting the time it takes to create graphics or create and modify pages, it cost under $50.00 a month to maintain this site. What does cost money are the software programs which are used to support this site. Although they are one time purchases they are not cheap. Programs used to create this site are: Corel 7, Corel PhotoPaint, Microsoft FrontPage 2000, Microsoft Word and Dreamweaver 2.0, Dreamweaver MX, Adobe Photo Elements2, Fireworks2, Flash4. Other than that a lot of Time.

If you wish to learn more about me check out my brief bio by clicking the "Biography" button on the left navigation bar. And don't forget to leave your comments by signing my guestbook, also located on the navigation bar. If you still need more info about me e-mail me at the above or below e-mail address. Thanks. Jose B. Rivera.

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