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Michelle Cain Johnson | miccain2000@yahoo.com
I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday. wishing every a blessed New Year.to Butch from 100th street, sounds like came up with my family Teddywho ran the eagle, Florence, Jerome. Vivian Newland.Looking for your book, would love to read it.
27 December 2010

johnny jimenez | jaj_ph@yahoo.com
Just to wish all my fellow east harlem and most of all my old gang of 101st between Lek&Park from the 1940&1950 a wonderful New Years, also to Joe for a great job.
30 December 2010 - Parrish FL

Laura Wade (formerly Sottile) | jefflovespeanutbutter@yahoo.com
Hi, My family and I lived at 70 Paladino Ave until I was about 10. I went to P.S 78 and my sister Carol went to Julia Richman. She is 63 now and I am 55. We used to hang out in the projects and on 118th st a lot. Those were good days. Is there anyone out there from the old neighborhood?
4 December 2010

Laura Figueroa-Duen | duenlau@gmail.com
Greetings & Blessings to Spanish Harlem anybody remembers the Figueroa's? give a shout out ;D
5 December 2010 - Los Angeles, Ca

Eliud | eli65@bellsouth.net
I grew up in Jefferson Projects, 112th Street and both 3rd and 2nd Avenue. El Barrio was my third parent. The people were my cousins. I'll always remember El Barrio, mi corazon. P.S. 102, I love you. Jackie Robinson Junior High School, you almost killed me but I love you too. Que Dios lo bendigas.
19 November 2010 - Royal Palm Beach, FL

Roselyn Romero ( Better Known as Roz D.) | familia4life@mail4me.com
Wow!I am thrilled to have found this site. As a child lived in 2012 2nd ave. right across the street from the park & ps. 121. I remember those late hot summer nights as a kid listening to people playing congas, bongos & other intrustments and singing into wee hours of the morning! now a days people call the cops!lol I also remember this store on 2nd called Hugos, boy they made some really good burgers. This store on 104 & 2nd the was called Cardonas & that man was mean.lol the minute you entered the door he was breathing in your face asking you que tu quieres.lol i hated having to go there for my Mom. Was born in metropolitan hospital in the 70's, went to ps.121,jhs 99 & norman thomas hs. Have a sister name Dee & Mom called Elsie. As i read from someone else's post, i remember the eagle movie theater, the bakery in 103 with the pan planchao.lol when they first opened Mcdonalds on 3rd ave. It actually was more like a real restaurant rather than fast food like now, it had a big fountain inside. Jamal town, Morris toyland, little store ponce that sold everything you could imagine. kress,saverama & La Marketa just to name a few. They all really bring me back lots of memories. The Jams in the park! I was a bit young for those but enjoyed while watching out the window.My Mom still lives in the area so every so often, my son gets a glimpse of where i came from and why i am the way i am!! I love El Barrio & all the wonderful people that i've come a cross through the years. God Bless You All!
12 November 2010 - My Own Little World!

Stanley Morey | sgmorey@verizon.net
I have just published a book called "A Gringo in Spanish Harlem" on Amazon/Createspace
3 November 2010 - Tampa, FL 33637

Carmen | cucalew@aol.com
does any one remember my grandmother, her name was Gaudencia Cora and we lived on 111th st between lenox and 5th during the 60-70's.she at one time own a grocery store on that same street.
15 October 2010 - VA

vincent Calderon | vcalderon535@gmail.com
yo whats up wagner boys and girls i wnt to JHS 45 and ps 80 back in the 60s is anyone out there that knows me letty, diana, nancy, bernie, i want to share memories my brothers eddy ,anthony, caroline hit me up people.
12 October 2010 - living in CA

Stanley Morey | sgmorey@verizon.net
I am still looking for Olga Burgos, who lived at 117.E. 116th. She went to Julia Richman HS, and is now about 67-68.
12 October 2010 - Tampa, FL

Stanley Morey | sgmorey@verizon.net
I used to live at 115 E. 116th St. This was in the 50's. We paid approximately $150/mo. I just looked up and this same apartment is now $1700/mo. What did they do?
12 October 2010 - Tampa, FL

CULLEN DORN - aka: Butch from 100th Street | CULLENDORN@aol.com
I was born and raised in 100th Street (between 1st & 2nd avenue). It was a time unlike any other, and a time that could never be duplicated again. Back then we had no refrigerators [we had iceboxes and we would have the Italian iceman come up 5 flights of stairs and fill it for a quarter]. We had no air-conditioner, we had broken windows held close by tape. We had no telephone and had to scream down the street to our neighbors. We had a black & white television that had more snowy lines across it than a blizzard in North Pole. We had little transistor radios that played the Doo-Wops of our times. Our toilets were out in the hallway and our 4-legged bathtub in the kitchen. Our mailbox was by the garbage cans down near the basement where lived oversize rats and strung-out junkies. I still miss the hissing radiators heard in apartments during the winter. And in the summer when we played games like kick-the-can, johhny-on-the-pony, ringo-levio, stoopball, and doo-wops sung on corners. 100th Street had over 4,000 people living there, and even more hanging out on stoops, rooftops, corners, candystores and jukeboxes. The streets were our first love, classroom, and church. We learnt to survive death that surrounded us every day, as we learnt to embrace life with both arms. It was an amazing time! Our spirits were the recipient of great energies that only El Barrio could provide then. In time I came to write a three-time award winning book: "The Hierophant Of 100th Street" currently being considered in Hollywood for a possible film right. I salute all of you who once lived and survived the old East Harlem that haunts our memories to this day.
6 October 2010

Grace | life2live2011@gmail.com
Does anyone remember Ms Dellolio.I think thats the way it is spelled from PS198 Ny, NY Lexignton and 3rd from the 70s.if yes Does anyone know where she is now?
28 September 2010 - new york

Patricia A. Dawson | paddancer@aol.com
I grew up in Washington Projects, 210 E. 102 St. Does anyone remember or went to I. S. 29? It is now Hunter High School. A lot of the kids that went to the school were from my projects but also from the East Harlem neighborhood. This is a great site! Hello to all in Washington Projects from the 1970s.
26 September 2010 - Brooklyn, NY

Jimmy Burns | JamesMrgolf@aol.com
Looking for anyone who grew up in the East River Projects up until 1972. This is where I grew up. My family moved to Minnesota in 1972
21 September 2010

Peter Leon | Peter@PeterLeon.com
I lived at 405 E. 105 St. apt 6E
from 1963-1968 and went to st. lucys and I have a brother Milton and 2 sisters,,Dolores and Denise.I do have a video of my 13 th birthday party 1966/april showing all of my classmates and friends at the time .I would love to show someday. I need to convert from super8 to DVD.
16 September 2010

janice james | JANANN530JP@AOL.COM
15 September 2010 - ELKTON MARYLAND

Peter Leon | Peter@PeterLeon.com
I think I attended 1964- to-68
I also have a brother Milton Leon any classmates outthere???
13 September 2010 - anybody from St.Lucys

miguel abreu | plumreu@aol.com
Looking for my mother Blanca Torres who lived at 310 E 117st back in thr 1980's.she lived with a man named pedro.she also had a sister who lived on Jane ST. and a brother on East 14st.any info pleas let meknow.show would be around 85 now
2 September 2010 - Westchester, New York

Carmen Coleman | cucalew@aol.com
does anyone have a 1971 Julia Richman High School Yearbook. Lost mine during a move and would love to get another one or a copy. also JHS 13 yearbook from 1968. thank's
23 August 2010 - VA

pat Outerbridge | thewaxt123@yahoo.com
8/2/10 wounderfull website please update
2 August 2010 - nyc

fern james | fernjames62@yahoo.com
Hi my name is fern james I grew up on 100th st bet first and second ave until 1977 then metro north riverview I went to IS.29 and ben franklin also and still have family in east harlem sisters vicky,mary,brothers reggie and frankie
27 July 2010 - queens new york

pablo torres | pabalab@yahoo.com
I lived in the James Weldon Johnson projects for many years, now I'm retired and live in Parkchester
26 July 2010 - bronx ny

Carmen Rodriguez (Tiny) | mon1051@bellsouth.net
I'm an old fogie. I went to PS78, lived on 117th & Pleasant Ave (dead-end) by Washburn factory. Attended B.Franklin HS then Hunter College. Does anyone out there remember me?
15 July 2010 - Port St. Lucie, Fl

Phife | byayo33@yahoo.com
Wassup PPl. phife from wagner checking in.
30 June 2010 - Florida

Moses Stoller | stollergroup2@aol.com
Does anyone know the Levy family from 105th Street btwn 3rd snd Lex?
22 June 2010

Alicia | aparker0819@aol.com
I just read the message eulogy for Raphael Antonio Flores(formerly of now defunct Hotline Cares, Inc.) This man was so good that I wish there had been even more written for and about him. I just wish that I had known. Raphael so many days have gone by since I've last seen you and I want you to know where ever you are, I know you are in heaven. I will never forget you, you are in my heart and the reason that the world seems to have changed so much is because you are not here.

God bless you and I will miss you much.
15 June 2010

david alvarado | d_alvarado820@yahoo.com
Hi looking for anybody that went to p.s 196 and st francis de sales from 2nd grade to fifth grade ,78 to 82 lookinf for anybody still in the barrio
9 June 2010 - in michigan

Michelle Cain Johnson | miccain2000@yahoo.com
Will be in NewYork for East River Day Aug 21st, looking forward to everyone
that will be there.
8 June 2010

Kathey Miles-Brockington | katwoman6110029@yahoo.com
It's that time again. Those who attended Benjamin Franklin HS are invited to the alumni assoc. annual family day outing Date: Saturday August 7 2010, time: 10am-8pm, location: Jefferson Park E.111th barbecue/grill area, fee: absolutely free, however donations of foodstuffs, snacks, sodas etc. will not be turned away. Bring your picnic basket, camera and Franklin
spirit. Please RSVP at my e-mail address so that we will know how many are attending and we will have ID tags available. If you are in contact with other Franklinites, please let them know about the event. Last year we had close to 200 attendees let's do better in 2010. There is a challenge to see which class can get the most classmates there, will it be your class?
3 June 2010 - New York City

Jose Jacobs | jacobsjl@netzero.net
Trying to get in touch with Harry Rodriguez. I grew up on 117st and Lex. Worked at East Harlem Community Corporation with Harry Rodriguez and Gus before their political uprising. Would love to hear from them. Email me.
2 June 2010

Webmaster comments   Harry is easy to find. I bump into him regularly on Third Avenue. He can be found at Operation Fight Back 212-410-7900.

Jimmy Burns | JamesMrgolf@aol.com
I lived in the East River Projects until 1972. Went to JHS 99. Anyone from the projects remember me? We played lots of basketball during that time. Looking to connect with anyone I knew.
29 May 2010 - Minnesota

MILLIE C | flowerbell19@yahoo.com
For Anthony Icovino Know Many People From 107 1st an 2nd Ave's I Came From 111St 2nd an 3rd Did You Know Cathy Miraglia Max Rivero, Louie Iapaldo?? . Joey Ferrara So Many Others I Still Go Down For The Mt Carmel an O'Giglio Feasts Do You Know About The Guestbook From Harlem Site ??? Luv To Hear From You Milly xo aieh
24 May 2010

David Moore | david.moore07@sbcglobal.net
I am looking for male friend of Latino descent to show me around when I come to NYC this summer. I greatly appreciate the latin culture and would like to get to learn more of it and meet and befriend latinos. Please contact me.
21 May 2010 - Ohio

Maria | mariah0605@yahoo.com
Hello, I just noticed someone by the name of Basilio Arena had posted a message in 2008. I'm not sure if you're the exact person I'm in search of or even if you will see this message, but if you do one day I'm just looking for someone by Basilio Arena from Pennsylvania, I would like to know if you have a son by the name of Joseph Arena? Please if so can you contact me. at the email address mariah0605 @ yahoo . Com
21 May 2010 - New York

herman guy | herman.littleboy@gmail.com
i grew up in EL BARRIO during the 50's and 60's. i lived in several locations in east harlem but i spend most of my years living in 119th st. between 3rd and 2nd ave. my sister's was Vivian. i attended James Otis JHS and Benjamin Franklin HS. i would love to get in contact with all those who knew me.
17 May 2010

Betsy Arvelo Johnson | gjohnson@logic.bm
I grew up on 102 and Madison (Carver projects).I went to Julia Richman H.S. class of 1974.I live in Bermuda for the last 30 years and I still love El Barrio.Thanks to the creator of this site.
28 April 2010 - Bermuda

nelson rodriguez | nreodriguez@gmail.com
Just wanted to say hello and thanks for reminding me about the little
things in east Harlem that meant a lot to us who lived there.
I remember the eagle movie theater i saw my first Bruce lee movie there. All the kung fu movies back to back to back.I remember the little candy store on 103rd street that sold that great ice cream you remember the name? McGish on 103rd St lex ?
I remember the big hill in the winter time , if your brother went down that hill on a sled god bless him because that's crazy.
Ask him if he remembers snake hill in central park on 102 street sled riding was the best there. I grew up carver projects Madison and park the other of the tracks.
I remember visiting my father at his club between park and lex closer to lex to ask for money in front of his Friends so i could get more. you remember the old mens club up the steps?
I also remember the little candy store between park and lex. I wonder if there still there?
I remember Morris toy land on 3rd ave 106th street ? , we all purchased our bikes and stick ball bats there, you know we all loved to play stick ball.
How about the black out in 1977 was that crazy or what. Morris went out of business after that.
You asked if I was old school?
Well moved to Spanish Harlem in 1968 from bay ridge brooklyn and stayed till 1989 went to PS171, JHS 13. automotive high, college of aeronautics. born in 62.
Guess this makes me old school? I also, remember mollies I was my moms escort.lol helper.shop with the mom get what you want kind of guy. lol.
I remember the little cuchifritos between lex and 3rd. I just saw a picture of it they knocked the building down next to it. Remember the Kress (5&10).
Casita Maria, anyone remember that ? that was in the carver projects.
Anyway I've been living in Florida for 16 years and I really miss my people and el barrio.
See what you did ? I know you wrote this in 2004 but hey, I'm writing back in 2010. Thanks for making me think of the old times.:) and yep yo soy boricua!!!!!

10 May 2010 - Orlando , Florida

Eleana Conde | Eleana_Conde@colpal.com
Hi, just attended Commander Shea / St. Cecilia's School Reunion Party this past Saturday - best time ever! It was great seeing everyone!
19 April 2010 - New York

Gloria Castaneda de Velazquez | Jevelazquez@msn.com
Hi I am a graduate of St. Cecilias 1965.Lived in the Wilson project 405 East 105th St/ Apt 6 B . looking forward to going to St. Cecilias and Commander Shea reunuion this weekend april 16-17 - I have been living in Bayamon Puerto Rico since 1970. Love it.
14 April 2010 - Puerto Rico

Peggy | peg2039@aol.com
Hi everyone. I lived on 118st bet pleasant and 1st. then we moved to 115 Jefferson PJís I went to 165 ( I think) and 45 and then Ben Franklin.As a teenager I went out with Scoobie aka the nigga. I played a mean paddleball game. (I still can ) lol . my mom (Dalila) owned the Bar on 116 and second. The Pavilion. later the name changed to the Latin palace. Mom use to also be a crossing guard on 116 2nd and we had a candy store across from the bank, on 2nd ave.
I loved Rex's ices and ate bkft at delightful after the clubs .jeffereson pool was the place to be in the summer. and 118 handball park was my hangout. I remember so many friends . Kimba. chachi Eddie Eba. etc. itís funny because I attend the stickball festival ever year on 111st to see who I can recognized from back in the day and I seldom do.
So if any one remembers me. dimples and all email me. I'd love to hear from you. thanks
13 April 2010

enrique rivera | enrique.rivera@census.gov
Me and my two brothers (Victor & Athos)lived on 108th st. & 5th Ave. from about 1951 thru 1959. We live at 1263 5th ave. We moved to 115th st & 3rd ave. in 1959 because our building was torn down. I know live on 116th between Mad. & 5th, back to the old neighborhood.
5 April 2010

Dee Douglas | sandra.sdouglas.douglas@gmail.com
I moved to Navada and fell in love. But i want to know if he has anoter family. He keep saying NO. But action speak louder words.
5 April 2010 - Las Vegas NV.

Reggie Alexander | ninepoint5a@yahoo.com
I lived in Lehman Village 110th and madison ave from 1973 to 1990. I went to PS 108 from 1980 to 1982. I went to Bridge School from 84-88 and I went to Manhattan Center from 88-91. Check out Manhattan Center and Bridge school pages o Facebook.
20 March 2010 - Manhattan USA

Dr. Stanley Morey | sgmorey@verizon.net
Has anyone attended the Lincoln Park Honor school, at Commerce H.S. which is no longer there. Also looking for Olga Burgos. I lived at 115 E. 116th st.
5 March 2010 - Tampa, FL

Bruno Roman | josebruno@aol.com
I'm in shock, I'm crying. He is my friend and I didn't know. what can I say. I can write no more
15 February 2010 - US

Anthony Iovino | tiovino@pizzahutfwi.com
There is no place on this earth that has the rich history and tradition of my birthplace, East Harlem (107th St between 1st and 2nd Avenues). Waves of caretakers of many nationalities have passed thru, each has left its mark, but no matter where we went, East Harlem remained our "home".

It was, is and will remain a rich cultural experience. I am a better person for having walked those streets and touched its many cultures. It was never a melting pot, but a tossed salad with each ingredient maintaining its identity.

We are all better off for experiencing it!
9 February 2010 - Fort Wayne, IN

magda i johnson | rosalinda830@aol.com
I want to get in touch with anyone who use to live on 107th st and attend to casita maria.my maden name is montalvo
4 February 2010 - United States

Cynthia Torres | cynthiatorres@optonline.net
WOW.I stumbled on this site by accident and this is great.I was actually trying to look up some of my teachers from PS 109, which is now closed, on Google but found this instead. I lived in Washington Houses 1875 and 225 and attended 5th and 6th grades at PS 121 I believe back in 85,86 then went on to PS 109/Search for 7th and 8th grades then to Washington Irving. I dont know why, but I have always wondered what happend to my teachers at 109. I really dont remember much and would like get some info on students/former friends and teachers. My teachers at 121 were Ms. Douglas and Ms. Oconnor. At 109 I had Ms. Pabon, Ms. Bonilla and Mr. Hornstein. That's all I can remember. I also remember some of the stores on 3rd Ave that many of you have mentioned but I cant picture exactly where they were like Morris toyland. I remember Kress and Hungry Jack and the bakery on 103rd St, Blakes Pharmacy (still there.wow)and the theater on 116th where I saw ET.lol Anyhow, good to know there is a site like this one.
2 February 2010 - Upstate New York

teo ortiz | ztreo51@yahoo.com
mi gente back in 1967-1969 i went to J.H.S 13 while I was there I took music with Mr.Booth and Mr.Rosa, I want to know if any body out there may have any information on Mr.Rosa, if so , give me a call .thanks. my number is 17188236129
1 February 2010 - parkchester

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