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Jack Polidoro | Jack.Polidoro@otis.com
Does anyone have photos of 112th street, between 1st and 2nd avenues, across the street from jefferson projects, from 1945 to 1960
8 February 2006

Cheryl Pirrera | musclemom32@comcast.net
Hi my dad went to Benjamin Franklin HS. He graduated in 1954. His name is Robert Ferraro. Did anyone graduated that year from Ben Frankin HS. If so can you email me. My email address is musclemom32@comcast.net Thanks
4 January 2006

Jenny Galt | jennygalt@popstar.com
I'm 24 years old, and I'm coming to NY for the first time in my life. I am hoping to get as full an experience as possible by visiting all the different areas of Manhattan. Jose, I came across your website while looking for general info on the different areas of NY. I'm so glad I found it - you really paint a fantastic picture of east harlem - the good and the bad. It's so great to see someone who loves their community so much. I hope to meet some people like you when i visit in january. I'm canadian and i'm just dying to see every part of NY. Best to you all!!
3 January 2006 - Vancouver, BC, CANADA

Michelle Viruet | esnowy @prtc.net
:thumbup: Hi my name is michelle i use to live in 112 madison ave near Fedco supermarket i would like to send my greetings to all my school freinds from 1984 from bridge school Fat Rosa virgen Taris joseph fat rosas brother teodore anthony felix belinda rebecca marilyn david ronald and my childhood love jaime velez love you guys take care wish you all the best email me :thumbup:
29 December 2005

Juan Ortiz | jho1234@hot.rr.com
Iam from Ponce Puerto Rico, and looking for old friends Served in the Army at the Canal Zone, Fort Gulick, School of the Americas between 1964- 1972. Canal Zone. Especial two of my best friends already retired " Julio Cruz " " Julio Davila " please reply to
27 December 2005 - United stat5e Texas.

David de Cesare | ddecesar@optonline.net
I lived with my grandparents at 162 east 112st. in the 30's and 40's. They rented the top floor apartment. Those days we skated the street and played "johnny on the pony." Tony the Iceman sold ice for the "ice boxes" from a wagon pulled by horses. Our neighborhood was mostly Italian. Anybody interested?
15 December 2005

John Salgado | john.salgado@navy.mil
My parents grew up in EL Barrio and both lived on 104th street in the 50's and 60's, Johnny and Nilsa. They still keep in touch with their friends and I know that Spanish Harlem has a special place in their hearts. As a kid growing up in the 70's we lived in Johnson Projects- 123 E112 St and Lexington and I can remember making trips with my dad to visit his buddies at the block at 104th. It was a majical place. Especially in the Summer. There no place like it in the WORLD!
13 December 2005 - Virginia Beach, Virginia

Diana Delgado | delgado135@aol.com
I grew up in East Harlem on 104th Street. We lived at and attended Church of the Son of Man in which George Calvert was the Rev. My father Carlos M. Rios was a minister their and eventually went into politics. My brother Carlos Rios, Rosa Rios and I spent all of our childhood there. I graduated from Julia Richmond in 1964. I miss East Harlem those were the best years of my life. I married my childhood sweetheart Orlando and we are now living in Florida with our daughters Deborah and Lena and our four grandchildren. Would be nice to hear from someone in our past especially that attended the Church of the Son of Man.
4 December 2005 - Kissimmee, Florida

Diana Delgado | delgado135@aol.com
Hi my name is Diana Delgado (Rios). I lived at the East Harlem Protestant Parish. My father was Carlos M. Rios who was a lay minister with the Rev. George Calvert at the 104th St. church. My father some years later became District Leader then Councilman at Large. My siter and brother were Rose Rios and Carlos (Papo) Rios. We had a wonderful time in Harlem. Those were the best years of our lifes. I have been married now for 38 years to my childhood sweatheart Orlando (Landy Nova). We had two beautiful daughters Deborah and Lena and 4 lovely grandchildren- Joshua, Andre, Diana and Jessica. Would like to hear from some of my classmates I went to PS 99 and to Julia Richmond graduated from HS in 1961. Well take care and hope to hear from some one also from the EHPP.
29 November 2005 - Florida

Emmett R. Baylor | spunkymike@aol.com
I attended Resurrection School on 151 st in Harlem,NY class of 1948. Where are all the alumni for that year? Please contact me.
16 November 2005 - Phoenix, AZ

Williamson L. Henderson | WLH@nyct.net
:biggrin: Hearty and well-deserved congratulations to Melissa Viverito for a hard-fought and all inclusive campaign. :biggrin: It was in large part because of Melissa's sense of equality and a person for ALL the people that she in fact won! The 8th District has a diverse variety of citizenry. It's not just two ethnic groups as many assume. I am proud to have been an active ingredient and part of the success in her historic campaign. :biggrin: U can see MMV's political ad at our website at (search) STONEWALL Veterans' Association plus a link to MMV's Victory Party pix! :biggrin:

Williamson Henderson
14 November 2005 - Upper, Upper East Side

Webmaster comments   I am very leary of the word "inclusive" especially as misused by Liberals. To Liberals inclusive means "only those who agree with me". It never includes conservative Christian thought.

Johnny Jimenez | jaj_ph@yahoo.com
to;webmaster, Jose I would like to know if there would be another block party this coming June,I like to plan my trip back home at this time of the year.You are doing a great job Jose,good luck, your frind Johnny.
14 November 2005 - Parrish,fl

Rita Molina | ritam_72@hotmail.com
:smile: Hi! My father and his side of the family live in Puerto Rico and I haven't seen them since 1985. I would love to see them all again. I just want to say "I love and miss all of you", your cousin, niece and daughter, Rita
8 November 2005

I was born and raised in 100th Street. (Between 1st & 2nd avenues). It was a time unlike any other, and a time that could never be duplicated again. Back then we were not spoiled with the technological advances we see today. Then we had no refrigerators, we had iceboxes, and we would have the Italian iceman come up and fill it for a quarter. Back then we had no air-conditioners, we had open windows and prayed a breeze might blew through. We had no phone, and relied on our power to scream across the street to our neighbors; we had only a b/w television set that had more snowy lines running across it then did a blizzard in Canada. We had little transistor radios that would play the doo-wops of the times; we had no elevators to take us to the top floors. Our toilets were out in the halls by the staircase; our bathtubs in the kitchen, and our mailboxes down near the garbage cans where lived the oversized rats. But I still miss the hissing radiators heard in every apartment during winter; I miss kick-the-can, johhny-on-the-pony, ringo-levio, stoopball, doo-wops sung on corners. The streets where thousands upon thousands of people hung out on stoops, corners, candystores, jukeboxes, and on cars, were our first love, our classroom, our woman, our God. It was an amazing time. We learnt to survive death and life situations that made up our days. But we learn, too, to embrace both with open arms, as both life and death were intertwined. We buried friends and rejoiced at the birth of new family members. And however bruised or maimed our bodies and hearts had been, our souls were the recipient of great growth that only El Barrio could have provided. Peace to you all.
6 November 2005 - Pennsylvania

Monica Diaz | idea700693@yahoo.com
Hi,Havent been back to East Harlem in 15 years (left in 1987). So glad to see Mr. Walfish on the message board, you were an inspiration for me. THE BEST TEACHER IN THE WORLD !! Does anyone remember me !! I went PS 206 and JHS 45. I lived in Taino Towers 2383 2nd Ave.
28 October 2005

Jeanette Archilla | mimigonzo2@aol.com
Well, I'm back to this site again, checking up on who is writing what. Please for those of you who are writing in, don't forget to put an email address in your comments so that we may be able to contact you.

When I read the comments left by those who lived in the Wagner Projects and their description of the things they did or who they hung out with, I couldn't help but smile. I really did have a great time growing up. I loved playing skillies with Mary Ruiz and Georgie, hmm can't remember his last name. I just knew he wore taller platform shoes than I did. I loved walking to Randalls, when I wasn't suppose to, I remember the hooky sets, the plays I did (I just knew I would make it to Hollywood. NOT), the number runners who stood in front of buildings, and some old man that used to make Mavi (is that how you spell it?) in the bathtub of his apartment. I remember the "CALL WAITING" we had back then, it was "Someone yelling your name: JEANETTE, JEANETTE. I would look out the window, only to hear someone yelling at me' GET OFF THE FREAKING PHONE". That was my clue to hang up from a long conversation.

The Coleco games that sounded as if you had someone laying around with a heart monitor, and hanging out under the bridge, that is now sooooooooo sadly a parking spot. (It was the last place I hung out with and saw Edwin Ortiz).

I write scripts, and do revisions for others (I am also an associate producer for an independent movie that I am currently working on). I hope to one day finish a script I am working on about all the fun I had growing up in Wagner.

Thank you to all I had the :huh: pleasure of meeting or hanging out with at Wagner. Man oh Man if those benches and buildings bricks can speak, the things they would say. HA. mimigonzo2@aol.com
30 October 2005 - Middletown, New York

Imaniba Jean Milligan | imaniba@yahoo.com
Good to have found this site. Yes I remember the market, candy store, movies at the eagle, the guys making music and talking world events on the corner, etc. etc. and often emote to the few who don't recall, how much I miss the hood.thanks for the memories, its all good!
25 October 2005 - NYC

Waso | eddie_4fun@yahoo.com
People from SH will only remember me by this name -- don't think they knew me as anything else. Saw a post here by Ralph Manon, from the Jefferson projects -- grew up there as well, remember a Fernando Manon ~~ that you? Remembering the touch football games, stick ball, softball and everything else we go into with Dennis James, the Monnono boys (Orlando & Roberto), Victor at Shortstop, Noel, Ralph, Juan, Charlie Brown, Fat Louie, Floody Louie, the Pedrosa family (Tico, Jose Jr., and the rest of them (all great athletes but not the sharpest knives in the draw), Manuel, Tito, Steve (always tried to figure out how he got in haha), ShotGun, Peppie, George, Carlos -- whew -- on and on. Grew up on that dead-end street on 112 and 2nd Ave.left in 1977. Went back a few times but everyone is gone now. Would love to hear from anyone who remembers that era when no matter how bad things got, there was always too much fun going on to worry.
24 October 2005 - Still NY

johnny jimenez | jaj_ph@yahoo.com
To Ruben Hernandez,HI,Ruben have not heard from bennie,Ruben you have my email,if you are ever in the Tampa area,let me know,will like to meet you and family,I am in the Manatee area.
17 October 2005 - Parrish,FL

Dr. Stanley W. Morey | netso7@netzero.net
I went to PS 57, Patrick Henry Jr., and Commerce HS (Lincoln Park Honor School)
I lived at 22 E. 103rd, and 115 E. 116th St. Anyone that remembers me please write. the years were around 1948-58.
18 September 2005 - Tampa, FL

freddy fontanez
I was born in Metropolitan hospital. Although my family lived on w 80th and columbus ave, we all packed (9 children)into my fathers ford falcon to go clothes shopping for school. Those were the best of times but also the worse of times. My parents used to buy the girls the same dresses (on sale) and the boys the same shirts and pant (cheaper to buy by the dozen) we got into so many fights ( we kicked major butt)because we looked like a carnival act. what i wont give to go back in time. hahaha much love
16 September 2005

Kevin Blake | kblake4866@yahoo.com
Greetings and thank you all for allowing me to relieve my life via photos as well as through your written words.
My name is Kevin Blake. I grew up in Clinton Housing/110th & Park Ave (1965-1999). I attended almost every
school in the area:
P.S.83, J.H.S 13, P.S. 102 and last Boy Harbour/JHS 117.
Some of you may know me from playing ball in Franklin Plaza, JHS 117, East river Projects, Washington Projects, Johnson, Jefferson & Washington Projects.
I also use to sing in a neighborhood group called 'The 3rd World' (Hey, New Edition had NOTHING on us (smile)).
I had two other brothers you fellas may know from playing ball (or ladies from dating): Michael & Steve.
Wow!! I ,too, remember the Eagles Theater. That's where I seen 'Five Fingers of Death' as well as other Kung-Fu flicks. I used to visited the movie house on 116 street as well. I also remember the Fania-All Stars performing in the park of JHS 117. There was tag football played in the park as well.
Some of the peeps I knew: Augustine (RIP) and his older brother Wally??, Andy & his brother, Inez, Blu (The Decisions), Ephraim & Tony (The Full House), Jessie hill, Mouse & Terri, Duane McIntosh, Alonzo Brown & Andre Harrell (rap group Jecky & Hyde), James Brown, Nate, Mario, Stanley (RIP??), Torin, Janice & Edwina Brisbane, Steven & Stanley (Twins), Rusty, Joey/Monkee, Jackie, Miriam, Eileen, Raymond Torado, Melvin Walcott, Frankie & Raymond, Carmen, George Lewis, Joe Bataan, Sesai (ball player) (RIP), Kevin Williams, Joe frazier, Left-handed Mikey, Jorge, to name a few.
I'm now in North Carolina but my heart will always be in East Harlem. I definitely missed the good spanish food cooked by my boricua brothers and sisters. Big UPs to the web Meister.
Celcia Cruz & Tito Puente, thank you for the slamming music - RIP.
15 September 2005 - North Carolina

Carmen Mestey | carrem1@msn.com
Very excited to read about EastHarlem and what people are saying about their experiences growing up there.I grew up on 101 st, bet 1 and 2nd Av. went to PS 168, JHS 99 and Julia Richman HS, Remembers Molly's, Walking to the pool and being chased by the Italian kids.Also my first boyfriend Joe Crespo.Only have one contact from that period, my dear friend, Lena. who still lives in NY.Would like to hear from anyone who remembers the Mestey's from 101.Thanks for a great site.
10 September 2005 - Tampa, Fl

gladys collazo
31 August 2005 - PUERTO RICO

Walt Eckes | weckes@worldlinkisp.com | www.mountainvistafineart.com
Graduated Ben Franklin in 63' and now live in AZ. Sorry I was unable to make the class re-union. Still have some family back in NY so I do make it back once and awhile.
29 August 2005

Michelle Cain
Shout out to family, friends and everyone. For all those that did not make to East River Day, really missed a wonderful time. This was my first and I pray to make as many more as I can. But for all who didn't make it you really missed us. So maybe next year. It was one of the greatest moments to see so many people after 30+ years. And everyone looked good. God bless us all until next year...
24 August 2005 - Delores Brown for Wilson projects.

Johnny Jimenez | jaj_ph@yahoo.com
to Ruben Hernandez,was nice to here from you, you must also know Jose Hernandez? if so how is he doing? Yes Ruben give Bennie my email. its jaj_ph@yahoo.com Take care Ruben.
22 August 2005 - Parrish,FL

Mari Casiano | MCasiano13@aol.com
I was born and raised in Washington Projects at 210 E 102nd st since 1974. I remember the Eagles Theater, that later became a meat market, Hungry Jack, and now is El Mundo. If you go in El Mundo and look up,you still see the curtains where the stage used to be and the old ceilings. JemalTown and A&B Supermarket across the street, going to Morris Toyland and almost killing yourself down the steep steps to buy school supplies and toys,Kress on 106th and 3rd ave and Cosmos theater on 116th. La Colina was on 102nd and Lex,where they filmed a part of The Believers,rollerskating around the "D" between the projects and the long "cheeselines" to get the big brick of cheese that I am not ashamed to say, was salty and tasted damn good! Ha ha! Chino in the laundromat on 3rd ave between 100st and 101st? I went to PS 121 & 109. The Lees were in style and kids used to run around snatching the tags off of everyone's pants...haha And the Lotto Sneakers with the interchangeable colorful velcro logo to match with your clothes. The park on 99th st had an opening so you didn't have to go around to go into the handball court. Sneaking into nightpool in Central Park at 110th st after 7pm,The Blackout,the time it snowed on Thanksgiving,the tenements up the hill on 101st that kept catching fire,the hill on 103rd,the cardboard sandwiches (still going strong)on 103rd close to Lexington, Happy Roach on 104th st,The Underground store on 104th and 3rd that also burned down,Wards Island picnics,walking back and forth to 86th st or 116th st for no reason and no complaints,the "ants" and the red metal thing in the park between 210 and 1809,the summer school lunches... So many memories,too many to write, but I must admit,it was cooler back then than it is now. That's where I met my first boyfriend. We were kids, about 11 or 12, he was from 1809 and I was from 210, but it did not last long. We moved on with our lives, then caught up with each other again in the parking lot when we were about 24, got back together and have a beautiful, but mischievous son. Just kidding...gotta love him...God Bless El Barrio. :wink:
17 August 2005 - New Jersey

Diana Beltran | dcalderon@counselpress.com
I looked into this web site and its amazing what I came across. I grew up in harlem, Wagner Projects, 350 E. 124th st. We were known as the Beltran's I have 2 brothers & 2 sisters, in which my brothers were known as Tubo & Hondo. My sisters are Cuca & Elsie and my wonderful famous mom is Conchita in which everybody knew and respected. Although my mom moved out three years from Wagner, going back is always a pleasure to see the friends you grew up who are still living there. Those were the good & best times there. It's nice reading messges from the people the grew around there..
12 August 2005 - Bronx, NY

Fernando(PAPO, HONDO,LIL TUBO) Beltran
Hello my fellow East Harlem Wagner Houses friends. I lived at 350 East 124 street apt 10E. sisters named Cuca (Junaita) Diana( Dee-DEE) Elsie and a brother Freddie(TUBO). I know you guys remember all those great times we had. No one has mention what we use to do when the Willis Ave bridge was backed up and the SODA TRUCK came by. If you remember this then we hung out. Let me know if you remember. Fernando.Beltran@Americas.ing.com. We'll Talk. Lov you Guys
12 August 2005

James Green | projects451@comcast.net
It was great finding this web site. I passed it along to a few friends from the neighborhood. I grew up in East River Houses Building 451. Attended PS 168, JHS 99 and Chelsea Vocational H.S. I travel home on business trips often and a few times I strolled through the ole neighborhood. It brought back alot of fond memories.
Would like to hear from ole and new friends alike. My email address is projects451@comcast.net
Peace be with you.
11 August 2005 - Maryland

Lisa J. Brunson | Janellebria@hotmail.com
Hello everyone, Giving a shout out to all the old timers. I grew up in the East River Projects. In building 404. My mother is Lauradine Brunson. My sister is Lori and I had a dog name Shaggy, who everyone adores. I can't wait to see everyone. Happy belated birthday Roberta. Sorry I couldn't make it to your surprise birthday party.
10 August 2005

Lawanna Lavette Williams | lawannalw@yahoo.com
Hello I am a script writer. I have a story idea for Spanish Harlem. I love the people, the music, and the culture. I want to be politically correct and as accurate as possible with my story. I would to get some help with getting my idea on paper. I plan to visit Spanish Harlem in the near future. If anyone can help me I would appreciate it. Thank you.
9 August 2005 - Reidsville North Carolina

Ruben Hernandez | RHernandez17@cfl.rr.com
:dry: Reference TO: Johnny Jimenez Post - I am Bennie's Cousin and she remembers you. Do you have a email so I can pass it on to her? She now lives in Florida.
Hi;Yesterday I found the Saint cecilia sit, and today I went farther into the site and came up with this site.This is the grates treat for me..ElBarrio is still home for me,I have been gone for 50 years, but El Barrio is still in my blood.My mother and father meet at 115 st as teens and and married in 1930,at 68 east 115st. and had all 5 children in El Barrio [my home] I growup at 125 east 101 st lex&park.from 1941 to1955.Will love to here from my chidhood buddy Freddy Cintron and my lost family of 105 st the Colon family Blanca,beanie,Jay and Leno..or anyone the will remember As of last nite I am planing a trip to my Barrio..Hope this site will bring old buddys togeter.You have done a great job,Jose GOD Bliss you and your site,,
26 May 2005
8 August 2005 - Deltona, FL

coleen | scoleen314@aol.com
I just read a message from a rueban hernandez, it's funny because I just found a cd by joe bataan yesterday, i havent thought about that music for years, i grew up on 98th off the corner of park,I had 7 sisters and 1 brother, we all attended St. Francis De Sales on 97th bet. lex. & park, it was my brother kevin who was into the music of joe bataan,he loved that group and the old santana, of long ago, he would sing accapella, across the street from where we lived, with a few of the guys, boy what memories, and how lucky we are to have them.
5 August 2005 - 98th & park

Denise Benson-Johnson | denise.l.johnson@navy.mil
I use to live in Wagner Projects and i am looking for my friends i went to school with back in the day. I went to p.s.112, p.s.206,JHS 45(i believe in was in 7-3 in ms. wallace class, 8-2, and then in 9-1) while i was there and graduated in 1983 and went to Mable Dean Bacon V.H.S which i graduated in 1986 and took Dental Assisting. I am especially looking for one of my close friends Lisa Lowery She also lived in Wagner on Side 1. She was in the military for awhile and then i think she got out. Lisa if u are out there email me. If anyone has seen her please let me know, she is the one who talked me into going in the military and i have been in there for 17 + years.
3 August 2005 - currently stationed in Corpus Christi TX

Roderick Du Bose | chaz4jaz@aol.com
lived in jefferson projects. schools:p.s.102&155, jhs 45, benjamin franklin. friends= robert ortiz, diane brooks, felicita padro, eric simms, tony stevens reginald victoria, fela where are you? you still in taft. email at chaz4jaz@aol.com
31 July 2005 - new jersey

James Green | projects451@comcast.net
I grew up in the East River Projects (1961-1981) with my parents and twin brothers (Maurice and Marlon) we lived in Building #451. I currently live in Maryland! Would be nice to hear from old friends. Hope to make it to East River Day!
26 July 2005

Abdul Raheem Sami | arsami@excite.com
aka Sonny Fraisier
Shout out to my family Rhonda and Michelle, and all my friend from 103 Street between 2rd and 3nd, East River and Johnson Project. Michael Miller I know you. You are Sonny Miller's Younger brother from 130
25 July 2005 - Harlem


Brenda McCullough | bwestthstree@yahoo.com
:cool: Hi Roberta Yancy, Michelle and Rhonda Cain, Hi debby. glad to hear from all of you guys. Roberta, please say hello to Mr. ducan, ms. Golden. and the rest of the crew for me, tell all I sent my love...........get my e-mail from debby
19 July 2005 - I live in Poughkeepsie New York

Michelle Cain
Hello everyone,was just there and it was nice to see a lot of you. Looking forward to seeing a lot more folks on August 20th. I love this site..And yes I remember when my mom's used to send us to Mollies...HAHA!
19 July 2005

18 July 2005

Roberta Yancey(Robin) | D86ream@optonline.net
Hey Debbie, Thanks for sending me this great website, I also have fond memories of growing up in Spanish Harlem. East River Projects was the best place to have fun. I visit often because my Moms is still residing there(God Bless Her). A Special hello to all that have posted messages here- Robin, Michelle, Rhonda, and Brenda!smooches!!!. Yes I do remember Henry's candy store, Pops, the Bakery and let's not forget Choo Choo's, Nancy's Pizza Shop, Pete's&Jack's and last but not least Seymour's. I look forward to seeing everyone at East River Day.
16 July 2005 - Bronx, NY

Debbie Winston-Blakes | Debblak4@aol.com
I still live in East River Houses.
East River Day is August 20, 2005
Saturday :smile:
13 July 2005

Sherette Gregg | sherette306@aol.com
I was born and raised in Spanish Harlem. My mother still lives ther actually. I am from the 1970's to 1980's crowd.I went to PS 121 AND JHS 99. Anyway, my roots go way way way back in spanish harlem and ironically I am trying to research them and I hope that maybe you could direct me in th eright direction. Thank you so much for your time and effort.
6 July 2005

Lolo | Antboogie0828@netscape.net
I think this is a nice site. Its good to see something out of my comunity that is positive. It be nice if more people new about this site, especialy the youth like my self mabe they would find some thing positive to do out of this site eny way hope you continue your good work. :thumbup: :smile: :thumbup:
30 June 2005 - Bronx new york/East Harlem

Edwin Beckford | e_beckford@hotmail.com | www.angelfire.com/super/redhorse/Reports/Reports.html
Man, I came across this website while, just for the heck of it, keying in ‘the East River Projects’. Wow!
Man, I was reading all the entries and was getting overwhelmed. Man, I made it through two whole pages and just had to stop and put in my 2 cents.
Dig it, I was born in Metropolitan Hosp. in 1947, went to P.S. 168 (2nd grade teach Ms. ‘D’, 3rd grade Ms. Wolf), went to Otis Jr. High ( / Ben Franklin), moved to the Island (Roosevelt High), and did a stretch in Nam.
My older brother graduated from Ben Frank and Food Trade (where he got his nickname ‘Cook’), my younger sister P.S. 99 (nickname Ting Ting). We lived in the E. River Projects (400 E. 103rd St. [1st Ave.]).
Fond memories: Use to walk to school (103rd to 116th) along the E. River Dive (Pleasant Ave.) to avoid confrontations with the Red Wings (an Italian gang that hanged around 115th and 1st). Other gangs during the day were the Viceroys, Vikings, Chancellors, Baldies, and the King’s Men (my brother belonged to).
Playing Chinese handball and pitching pennies against the school wall. Attending EHPP (East Harlem Protestant Parish) and camp (Friendly Town). Picnics at Wards Island (pointing out water rats and floating scumbags). Field Day at Randall’s Island. Going to the store for mom’s (Mr. B’s) and trying not to get cheated by him! Also ‘Pop’s Candy Store where I’d get my water gun, bean shooters, water balloons, cap guns, tops, kites, Lone Ranger masks, etc. depending on what season it was.
29 June 2005 - Israel

Muchas gracias por crear estas paginas cibernetica tan informativas. East Harlem.Com is an anthropological treasure of the people and places of this community.
28 June 2005 - Rio Piedras, PUERTO RICO

Robin Taylor | taylorlynnerobin@hotmail.com
Greetings all East Harlemites:
I grew up in E.R. Projects, bldg. 420 then 402. My siblings are: Pixie, Dougie, Taryn & Terrence.
My father Mr. Tee still lives in E.R. after 50 yrs.
Hope to see more former residents at E.R. Day, August 20.
28 June 2005 - New York, New York

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