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Audrey D'Ercole Berghaus | gramma919@verizon.net
To John Polidoro,
I grew up in EH from 1942 to 1965 and graduated from OLQA in 1956. Send me an email and I'll fill you in on a bunch of stuff regarding the EH we grew up in.
24 August 2007

Dee Mash | Doe1419@gmail.com
Paladino Ave from back in the 50's to 60's.my grandmother lived at #40 and wanted to see if anyone remembered the family, her name was Agnes Tucker, about 80 yrs. old in the early 60's????
20 August 2007 - New Jersey

mike mariconda | bigdaddy@mariconda.com
Hi Bob Jacovino.
sure a small world.! I haven't heard/seen the gang for years since leaving.though we were best friends playing stoop/stickball in ps 168 and hanging in St. Lucy's playground before the apartments were built.would be great to get in touch and swap memories.when was the last time you heard from any of them? .last I saw Robert was back in '77 hanging by Pop's candy store.
16 August 2007 - rockland new york

Patsy Cruz | cruzerpat@optonline.com
Anyone remember Tony(Speedy)Cruz, Ceaser, Patsy, Raymond(monchito), Maria or Moncho Diaz from the bodega "Diaz Grocery Store" on 107th street between 3rd and Lexington Avenues? If yes, give me a shout out. We'd like to know how your doing.
16 August 2007 - Da Bronx

Jack Polidoro | jack.polidoro@otis.com
To Audrey D'Ercole Berghaus:
I can't thank you enough for the info.
I've been searching for a long time for such a photo. Please write if I can help you in any way. Thanks.
16 August 2007 - East Harlem

David Bones | david755@optonline.net
I wanted to say: ¨What´s up migente!!!!¨Especially, all my people from Wagner Projects(1956-1981)!!!!
14 August 2007 - Bronx, NYC

Richard La Monica | richardlamonica@yahoo.com
Graduated St. Cecilia's in '60 and Power Memorial in '64. Looking for any of the old crowd that would hang out E. 106 st. Where are you guys and girls.
11 August 2007 - Lindenhurst, NY

Antonio Ortiz | ajzitro@gmail.com
Maria Lopez?, I used to go with a girl of that name! Could it be you after all these years
10 August 2007 - Where have you been, I'm in Long Island NOW

Cindy Colon | nanajulty@aol.com
In the late 60's my brother briefly went out with a young lady names Cynthia Colon or Cindy Colon, he left to Houston and rumor at that time was that she was "Willie Colon's sister", we talked about it when we saw "El Cantante", Does anyone know if this was so and does she still live in 138th in the Bronx? I know this is a East Harlem site, but u guys might be able to answer this. Thanks!!
9 August 2007 - Houston

Scott Dubuisson | Resqmanlb@aol.com
I found a Julia Richman Class ring from 1967 in the subway in Feb. Blue stone with initials Possibly E.V.C. Please help me find the owner!
1 August 2007

Ruben Hernandez | RHernandez17@cfl.rr.com
It's been a while since I last visited the site. Just got back from a trip to my beloved El Barrio (104th Street) where I grew up. So many things have changed. No 23rd precent, firehouse, no Morris Toyland, Blakes Drugstore. The block looks so small and I don't see the amount of kids playing on the streets as when I grew up there. Stoop ball, stick ball, kick the can, etc. Times have changed but I'll keep my childhood over the X-Box era. Kids don't know what it was really like.
Peace to all.
2 August 2007 - Deltona, Florida

Bonnie Reyes (Bien Venida) | nicobon1@msn.com
I was born and raised in Spanish Harlem, lived on 58 E. 107th St. (between Lex and Park), later the Wagner Houses, 2370 2nd Ave. Attended PS80,JHS45, Julia Richman HS in 1961-1964 (when it was an all girl school), If anyone remembers me, I would like to hear from you. I graduated from Julia Richman HS School of Practical Nursing class of 1964, would like to know about all my classmates, especially, Carmen Ortiz, Mildred Santos, Martha Martinez, Sarah Batista, Madeline Encarnacion, too many to mention. Would like to know if there is a HS reunion for the class of 1964. Please respond.
25 July 2007 - Florida

Luis Lamboy | infantry15cav@aol.com
I was wondering if anyone knew if the East Harlem Music School ran by Johnny Colon was still open, and if not if there was any contact information to reach Mr. Colon
24 July 2007 - in FL

Bernadette Hawkins AKA Tammy | onesent2serve1@yahoo.com
I was born on 99th street between 1st & 2nd Avenue. My family moved to the East River Housing Project on 1st avenue between 102nd & 103rd sts. I attended PS 168 btwn. 103rd & 104th sts. and graduated from Margaret Knox Jr. High School for girls (at that time)in 1959. What incredible memories I have of those early years in Harlem. I look forward with great anticipation and expectation to the reunion on August 18th at the Big Park on East River Drive.
18 July 2007

David | davidwh@mts.net
I have heard and watched alot about this area and I wish I was able to visit it one day. It sound interesting
12 July 2007 - OakBank, Manitoba Canada

Carmen Meneses | ck11m@hotmail.com
Went to Commander Shea and Cathedral High School. Grew up on 111 Street (100 East 111 St.) When is the East 11St. Oldtimers Weekend this year?
9 July 2007

Bobby | mustangboop47@gmail.com
I'm looking for the Rodriquez family from 20 Paladino Ave. The mom was/is Amparo. They lived there in the 60s. One of her son's names was Louie
1 July 2007 - I live in Miami, FL now

Audrey D'Ercole Berghaus | gramma919@verizon.net
To Jack Polidoro,
There's a website, nyc.gov that has photo's of every apartment building prior to 1950's and can be obtained for a fee. When in the website, look for "tax photo's". I got mine of 227 East 113th St, before the Jefferson houses were built.
1 July 2007 - Photo's of East Harlem in the 30's tru the 50's.

Audrey D'Ercole Berghaus | gramma919@verizon.net
To Theresa, looking for Dawn Esposito,
I don't know of Dawn but I lived in 310 East 115th from 1956 to 1959, than moved to 2227 2nd ave. till 1965. I still have friends from EH and I'll ask them if they know of her.
1 July 2007

Shawn Hayes | shawnhys430@aol.com
From 430 East 105th Street. Went to PS 146 before they opened 99. Anyone that remembers guys from around that way 70-80's let me know. I wonder about alot of guys whose names I remember (cotton, quiten, pookie, eddie stone)
28 June 2007 - California

patricia | thatsmrbooboo2u@aol.com
how can i find a school shirt or sweatshirt from st cecilia's ? my dad was born in 1942, wsa raised on 106th street and attended the school. i wanted to surprise him with a school shirt or sweatshirt but found out the school is now closed. any ideas will be greatly appreciated ! thank you !
13 June 2007 - new jersey

Patsy Cruz | cruzerpat@optonline.com
I lived in the Barrio for 11 years. From 1977 to 1988. At that time we all believed that it did take a barrio to raise a child. My daughter who is now 28 remebers having many uncles and titis who were not blood related but who she respected as if they were. We had plenty of great times there and dispite what went on around us, and believe me a lot went on, we all stuck together and til this day we still do. That is the ones that didn't get sucked in.
18 May 2007 - 107th and Third Avenue

Johnny Tirado | jdtirado@hotmail.com
Anyone grow up on 104th bet Lex & 3rd in the 60's, 70's or 80's? Any one hang out at the Lions Cave or hang out on the steps of the old 23rd Precint? Anyone remember the block parties? Tag one tag all? Skellies? Kick the can? Run catch & kiss? Ringolivia? Awilda, Ricky, Danny, Cojo, Joey & Rosie, Tito, Ralphy, Eddie, Wanda & Lillian, David, Yogi, Ronnie, Eddie, Pito, Papo, Will, Rick, Jackie, Frankie, Gelo, Hector, Liz, Franky Guido, Tall Rick, Phil the pill, Carlito, Ivan, Sammy, Speedy, Little Danny & Miriam, Alice & Wanda, Gladys & Tati, Olga. Any of you out there?
19 May 2007 - East Harlem, NYC

Bob Jacovino | RJACOVINO@hvc.rr.com
Hey Mike Mariconda.I grew up on 104th and 2nd.lived in same apt building as Vinny Esposito.the cerratos were also my buddies as was joe(jip)costanza.went to st lucy's also till 7th grade '69
16 May 2007 - living in dutchess county

Nancy Rodriguez | Lanena_Cubanita@yahoo.com
I am looking for Martha,Sonia and Ozzie Rodriguez. Mother Isabella and Father Rafael. I would like to make contact, I am Oldest Daughter of Rafael second marriage. Last time I saw ozzie was in 1977. At our Dads home.
17 May 2007 - New York City, NY

Johnny Tirado | jdtirado@hotmail.com
104th St. 62 thru 84
16 May 2007 - East Harlem NYC

Clara Delpín | claradelpin1@hotmail.com
From 100 st. JHS 117, Cathedral H.S and then Hunter College

Entered religious life in 1971 and have been living in Bogotá, Colombia for the past 28 yrs.
8 May 2007 - Bogotá, Colombia

Walter Guzman | waltrex@prtc.net
Hey Tony and Jose, Damm we're getting old. Just ask the kids. Hows everyone doing. We heard about Our lady Queen of Angels. Reminds me of the 7ups member? Also my kids attended through 1-8. Hey give my email to Jose Morrero or any of the old foggies also you guys drop me a line, we need to catch up. I've been trying to find Lizzy but I bet she's fat, divorsed and ugly and doesn't want to be found. Man we're to old for that stuff. Let's make a reunion in cyber space if possible.
18 April 2007 - Puerto Rico

Andrea Washington-Guzman | anicole@gmail.com
Hi Everyone,
Born and raised in Metro North (Riverview) and E. River. My parents and grandparents are from E. River. My mother is Thomasina (Walton) Washington of the Walton gang (uncles are: Timbo, Larry, Steve and Kenneth, aunts: Linda (deceased), Cynthia and Rosa) and my father was Robert "Brother" Washington (deceased) (uncles: Kenny & Melvin, aunts: Gloria and "Cookie"). My mom raised me and my four brothers and we are all college grads (single moms CAN do it :)). My brothers and I are all over now: CA, WA, TX and 2 in NYC.
I have so many great memories of growing up in East Harlem and think about how blessed I was. I would love to hear from folks esp. old friends of my father and mother. E-mail me: anicole at gmail dot com
17 April 2007 - Fort Worth, TX

Sabrina | breenbop@yahoo.com
Hello everyone, I just was surfing and ran across this sight. It brought back a million memories. I grew up in Wagner Projects 10 paladino then I moved to 20. My mom is Hannah and my Dad is Van. It will be a pleasure to hear from all the people I grew up with.
10 April 2007 - North Carolina

Edwin Ortiz | dcsalsaman@comcast.net
Hello everyone, born and raised on 105th and 1st Avenue, East River Projects. Just wondering if anyone knows a lady, Brunilda Gonzalez aka Brunny (has since been married and changed her last name. I was her boyfriend many years ago and often wondered how she is doing. She lived on 102nd Street in the same projects and I believe she now lives in the Bronx. She has a brother named Jimmy. Let me know.
10 April 2007 - Rockville, Maryland

Maria Lopez | starmariam123@aol.com
Hi everybody i'm so happy to have found a website like this one first i want to say hi to my first love Jesus Gondry, i always wonder what happen to him. I want to know if anyone out there knows if Benjamin Franklin H.S.is having a 1969 reunion inform me about it. Iwnet to the the following schools P.S.121 til "63 and J.H.S. 99 "66" Ben.Franklin H.S. "69" I will always remember the Barrio it part of my life kind of sadden when i see some buildings gone and some of the schools renamed or closed
30 March 2007

Kent (Kenny) Gomez | mamboplace7@aol.com
Does anybody remember the filming of the West Side Story? The opening scenes was filmed on the East side on 110th st.
between 2nd & 3rd in the condemned school yard of Galvani Jr. High.
13 March 2007

Kristen Paphitis | kpaphitis@gmail.com
This is a great site for a great area! As a frequent traveller to Manhattan, I was very happy to find some new places of interest on this site. I am very excited to visit El Museo del Barrio and to eat some local cuisine this coming weekend; it looks spectacular! Thank you to those who continually work hard to provide such a great resource for interested travellers and locals alike!
9 March 2007 - Herndon, VA

katherine brockington | katwoman6010029@yahoo.com
previous posting not done requesting info on Johnson Houses day 2007 and Jefferson Houses day 2007 and to let everyone know about Benjamin Franklin High School Family day in August and requesting all Franklin Alumni contact me for info(to Webmaster, received confirmatin but did not see posting, please advise privately what went wrong)
4 March 2007 - east harlem NYC

katherine brockington | katwoman6010029@yahoo.com
Does anyone know when Johnson day is going to be 2007 or Jefferson day? And why didn't we see more of you guys who went to Franklin at our family day in Jefferson Park 2006, we plan the same thing this year in August, please stop by and reconnect with the other alumni we have an association for those who have attended Franklin
2 March 2007 - East Harlem

Ralph A Perna | mrperna@sbcglobal.net
was one of the first graduating classes back in 1942.The good old days with the great Dr. Covello.
24 February 2007 - Tomball Texas

Clara | irizarrc@mskcc.org
I would like to know if you plan to list all the Health Care Centers in the neighborhood on your website.
16 February 2007 - New York

Jack Polidoro | jack.polidoro@otis.com
Does anyone out there have photos of East 112th street between first and sceond avenues, during the early 50's
In particular 314 East 112th. Please e-mail them to me. Thank you.
12 February 2007

Israel Pagan | Israel_2602_2004@yahoo.com
Hi Maria Sanchez, I went to JHS 99 too during the same time you did. My name is Israel (Papo) Mr. Alpaca in the year book.
31 January 2007

Chris | voidmedia@gmail.com
I am a relatively new member to the East Harlem community, and I look forward to improving our neighborhood through service and community involvement.
31 January 2007 - 109th St.

mike mariconda | mmariconda@wcs.org
Hi there, our family left 104th street 1966(left St. Lucys' after 6th grade)My dad had a butcher shop there. still remember old friends Ralph & Robert Cerrato,Joe Costanzo, Vinny Esposito. Great memories
22 January 2007

Theresa | Terri065@optonline.com
Looking for Dawn Esposito she lived at 2224 2nd Ave with her grandmother Josephine
5 January 2007

Elijah | blog@elijahzarwan.net
As a former resident of 128th St. between 5th and Madison now relocated to Egypt, I was so happy to find this site. It makes me miss the old neighborhood to read the news and look at the photos. Thank you so much for this service! I'll be a frequent visitor in future. God bless.
5 January 2007 - Cairo, Egypt

NYCsGlimmerGirl | nycsglimmergirl@aol.com
Hi,I just discovered your website and I feel it is important because I also live in East Harlem. I would like if you could post my webpage: mommyandmeguidetoharlem. wetpaint. com. It is a guide that I am continually adding on to; it helps parents like myself find meaningful and enriching activities for their children. Please checkout my webpage and give me some feedback. I am sure that there is so much more that I need to add on. It is not a form of advertising nor do I make money from my page. Thanks!
31 December 2006 - East Harlem

Sabena | Harlemnubian@aol.com
Hello to all. I grew up in East River Projects, went to PS/JHS 50. Remember Mr. Schwager? Mr Ramos? Mr Perez? Ms Hedgepath? Oh lord just reading these posts brings back so many memories. I was in Love with twins from Washington projects (L & R) real cuties. Went to Manhattan Center HS in '83/'84. I'm in PA now and I realize how important my neighborhood was to me and how it lives in me today. Love to all residents of East River, Wilson, 1199, Metro North, !st Ave and those cute twins from Washington projects ;) God Bless.
22 December 2006

Franz-Erik | franzerik@yahoo.com
Hello "David de Cesare"!
I grew up near Chicago but my grandparents (who were born in Sicily but lived in NYC previoulsy) had a 78 rpm record called "Tony the Iceman". I'll never forget that song. Furthermore, I went to school (in Illinios) with a guy named Sam De Cesare. Any relative of yours?
21 December 2006 - Malmö, Sweden

Priscilla Barbosa-Bueno | waytogo1@cox.net
Hi. I went to Jr.H.S. 149 graduating date was 1963. My name back then was Castro and my father was a minister. We lived in E.N.Y. in the late 50's early 60's. I married a barber named Angel Luis. He worked on Livonia and Hinsdale St. Then he went to work on Blake Ave with another barber named Pedro. From there he moved to Sutter Ave and Pennsylvania. Next door was a pizza place. Some of my ex-classmates became my ex-husband's clients. If you are out there and remember me please contact me!
11 December 2006

Martha DelValle | mvalle621@aol.com
Grew up in Harlem, went to PS80, JHS45
3 December 2006 - florida

Waso (Eddie Cintron) | eddie_cintron@yahoo.com
Fernando Manon! Ha! Yes, I remember now your brother Ralph.whew~ long time. My journey has taken me all over but I remain primarily in NY -- Can't stay away. Haven't been back to the old neighborhood in a while -- Last time I went with the purpose of showing my youngest where I grew up.as I said in my prior post.not many reasons to go back these days. Sad to hear that many of the people I remember have passed.I remember them all like it was yesterday. I will call when I get back in to NYC.
22 November 2006 - today in Austin TX

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