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Dutch | dutchthegreat@aol.com
I grew up in the wagner projects. for my WHOLE childhood. I went to p.s. 146, and then j.h.s. 167. i graduated from julia richman high school.all this happened in the late 60"s. Anyone remember nanys pizza, or henrys candy. those were the days. stickball in the projects. I was part of the gang called the Warlords (before good times!!). Anyone reember good times? This is such an amazing experience!
5 July 2008 - Compton, CA

carmen | cucalew@aol.com
Where is everyone from 111th street, between Lenox and 5th ave. does anyone remember when salsa bands used to play music in central park on 110th st on Tuesdays in the summer. Or does anyone remember when they build the pool in central park. If anyone goes to old timers day. How about taking some pictures and posting them on this site. It would be so much fun for those of us who no longer live in nyc……….
3 July 2008 - va

MonaLisa Void | monalisavoid@yahoo.com
I lived at 430 E. 105th St Apt 3F (East River Houses) from the 60s to the 80s. I went to St Ann School on 110th St and St Jean Baptiste HS on 75th St. Anyone who knows me, please email me. Looking forward to hearing from old friends. Shawn Hayes? Veronica? Joyce? Anthony? Charles? Cymaree? Deborah? James Leon? Sandra Williams? Linda Allen?
1 July 2008 - Louisiana

Garry J Murray | garrymurray@yahoo.com
Hello all,
I lived in Taft projects from 1964 to 1975. Attended PS 57, IS 117 and Julia Richman HS. What memories!
27 June 2008 - Stone Mountain, Ga.

Gloria Delpin | Gdelpin4@wmconnect.com
Hi, this message is for Carmen Fontanez. My sister Clara called me to tell me that you had e-mailed her on this web-site, I hope I have the same luck in getting a response from you. Please keep in touch at gdelpin4 at wmconnect dot com. I hope to hear from you so that we can catch up. Gloria
17 June 2008 - Avondale Estates, GA

Joseph Rivera | jorivester@gmail.com
Nice site - Lived in Taft projects on 5th ave between 115th - 112th st behind the fire station. Lived there from the 60's till bout 1989. Used to hang with the fellas from Jefferson projects, Charlie Brown (Ramon Diaz), Pina (Anthony Gaites), Fat Louie Santiago and a slew of other characters on 111th st. (Riders bench)Most went to P.S. 57, JHS IS117 and then Harren High School. Lost touch with them for a minute and wondering how they doing.

Holla back!
12 June 2008 - Is Charlie Brown

Kevin Perez | kperez@cablevision.com
Hello My name is Kevin Perez . I also remember the eagle theatre. I grew up 1405 Park Ave 104th street. I went to St Cecilia Jr High graduated in 1974 then I went to Park East high school for 1-year before we moved to New Jersey. I also played basket ball in black Park .The nick name they gave me Pichon meaning Bird. I also remember playing tag foot for St Cecilia. I also worked in Morris Toy Store 104th street on 3rd Ave after school. I hope someone rembers me?
11 June 2008 - Edgewater, New Jersey

Yvette Mayers | ymayers@hotmail.com
To Robert Asher, I grew up in East River Houses, I lived at 446 E. 105th Street. My parents names were Mike and Ruby Mayers. they had 3 children. 2 daughters, 1 son. We lived in apt. 2A from 1957-1967 then moved around the corner to 445 E. 102nd street.
10 June 2008 - Roselle NJ

Yvette Mayers | ymayers@hotmail.com
To Patricia Brown, I don't know if you are the same Pat Brown that knew my mother Ruby Mayers. We lived in 446 E.105 and moved to 445 E. 102
10 June 2008 - Roselle NJ

Wanda Loubriel | wgambe@yahoo.com
HI!! i only wento to grade school in Manhattan PS 121 .but Im looking fro Brunilda Guzman . she was a childhood friend I cant seem to forget. AND Rafael. what a cutie !
8 June 2008 - Im in Jacksonville FL now

edward vazquez | papaedward@gmail.com
ihave graduates 1961 1962 saint cecilias posted in facebook look me up
3 June 2008 - vega alta pr

Sandra Cammorto | shuff@pbwt.com
Lived in Wagner, 2370 2nd ave. (50s-70s) Attended PS 80 and JHS 45. I live in Old Bridge, NJ.
2 June 2008 - Jarvis Williams, Larry Henley

CARMEN FONTANEZ | carmenm@mwicorp.com
I posted a message last week on the website. I don't see it anywhere? Do I have to include my email address in the body of the text? Let me know. Thanks for the memories when I read some of the emails.
2 June 2008 - Fort Lauderdale, FL

Angela Gamboa | redxtorm@aol.com
I'm looking for my yearbook of 1979 from J.H.S 99 if anyone has it i would love to get a copy of it I'm also looking for a yearbook for my friend jennie she graduated in 1969 from margaret knox J.H.S 99 if anyone has any of these year book please let me know thank you
30 May 2008

Caren Simmons | cwsimmons3@msn.com
My mom, Dorothy Simmons recently passed away,for those who knew her, 1 grew up @ 215TH E. 102nd ST. apt13c, i went to PS 121. visited the hood recently, does anyone know of a church next to the union settlement back in 1961-69, my father was from there, anyway,i remember going to the Eagle theater on 3rd ave. back then. does anyone remember that church, am looking for the pastor or the family, he had sons with blond hair.
1 June 2008 - Caren, Bronx NY

Dannie Gore | dangoresr@hotmail.com
I went to JHS 45 and hung out with Philip De La Rosa and Lorraine Edwards, we wnt to the World's Fair together.
30 May 2008 - I'm living in Raleigh, NC now

Kent Gomez | mamboplace7@aol.com
111th & 2nd Ave. PS102, JHS117 1962. Had a band, then went with Willie Colon,Tony Pabon/La protesta. Me and my compadre Jose Mangual Jr played all the dives and afterhours. give me a holler.
30 May 2008 - aventura, florida

CARMEN FONTANEZ | carmenm@mwicorp.com
I went to JHS 117/Jefferson Park from 60-63. Used to hang out with an Italian girl who lived on 107th St and 3rd Ave. Her name was Marie Catrone. Would like to know if she's still in NY. SHe introduced me to friends like Louis Carbonetti, Frank Croce who were in our class.
29 May 2008 - I live in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Sherry Bellamy | bellamy110@aol.com
Hi, I went to Commander Shea School on 111th St and grew up on 110th St between 5th & Lenox. I graduated from Shea in 1966 and went to Cardinal Spellman in the Bronx. Would love to hear from other people who were at Shea during those years, especially Evette Campos, Yvette & Sylvia (the twins), Martha, a/k/a Blondie.
27 May 2008 - Washington DC

Alfredo Pagán Astacio | alfredopaganastacio@yahoo.com
Estimado José:
Me pregunto porqué no aceptas nuevos miembros al foro, cuando tú eres el primero que dices que hace falta más gente. (What I like about spanish is the use of the "acento" to make a point.) I often wonder why no new members to the forum are accepted yet you yourself say more is better. I think we who have been found not worthy yet are willing to support and do admire your work do dare ask you . why?
25 May 2008 - Naguabo PR

Webmaster comments   Alfredo, every time I open the forum to new members, spammers invade the forum. I am looking for ways around this. I would be willing to accept the death penalty for spammers. They waste so many man hours of other people time, for what? I would love to pull the switch on all spammers while they sit on electric chairs.

James Green | james.green451@hotmail.com
For Sabrina from NC - I read your post and noticed that my mother Nettie Green and your parents are good friends. My mother and your mom worked together in the Public School System years ago. My mom passed away several months ago. After reading your post the names clicked. I hope that you and your family are well. Say hello to your parents for me.
26 May 2008

I LOVE THIS SITE | prlatina711@yahoo.com
For a few years now I've been on a quest to find people and coming accross this site gives me hope. Thank you for creating it - I hope I can make some old connections. From El Barrio to Harlem never been to Puerto Rico but claim it as MINE - I'm what you call a NYRICAN - 152 East 111St then Wagner Projects 2400 2nd Ave then 2369 1st Ave, Now CT.
25 May 2008 - Norwalk - CT

Patricia (Pat) | prlatina711@yahoo.com
Anyone from P.S. 83? I wanna go back to elementary because I never saw you again. We were in 4, 5, 6 grade (61-72) together: Martha, Daisy, Evelyn (wally's sister), Augie, George, Claudio, - we use to hang out - I think many of you lived on 110st between Lex & 3rd. Evelyn lived on 111 close to 3rd Ave. Daisy lived on 3rd ave last floor we use to jump from building to building. Anyone remembers me?
25 May 2008 - Norwalk - CT

Carmen Fontanez | nilosorio@aol.com
Dear Clara Delpin I was your sister Glorias friend,Carmen.Iused to live on 98th st. and Lex. I always was visiting your house.I went to elementary school P.S.86 with Gloria.I live in Florida would love to hear from you and your sister.I also went to J.H.S. 117 and Commerce High School. If anyone else out there attended these schools let me know.I also hung out at the pizza place at 107th and third ave. I also remember sister Claudina from the CYO.
24 May 2008 - Ft. Lauderdale Florida

Patricia Gines | prlatina711@yahoo.com
Grew up in 152 E. 111st (Lexington Avenue) where we use to cross the street and get 2 cheeseburgers for 25 cents each. I remember playing those summer games. Watching my brother Eladio (Papi) play handball. Is anyone from there: My friends were, Leonora, Candi, Dorisita, Pito (girl), Arlene and Tina, so many. Anyone - than I moved to Wagner 2400 2nd Ave but hung out on 102 and Madison. If anyone remembers me send me an email. My brother had a daughter at age 13 her name is Kimberly her mom was Carmen. Would love to find Kimberly.
23 May 2008 - Norwalk - CT

PILAR HERNANDEZ | pilar.hernandez1@navy.mil
23 May 2008 - san jacinto, ca

Yvonne | mustangboop2001@yahoo.com
When I was a baby, I lived at 1495 Madison . My family name is Olivero. My aunts and uncles all lived there also. Anyone know them? This would have been 1947 maybe a couple of years before. They all moved when they tore the building down and built the projects.

As for Spanish Harlem, my grandmother owened a bar/restaurant there . somewhere near 110 St . eons ago, probably the 40's/50's. My aunt lived on the corner of 116st above the liquor store. There was a guy named Whitey that lived in the building next to it. That would have been in the 50s. Their name was Cordero My grand mother was Petra and my aunt Isabel.

I remember going to La Marketa on Park before it became what it is today.

Thanks for the memories.
17 May 2008 - All over NYC but settled now in Florida

BobbyT | YvonneT@aol.com
I'm still looking for Amparo Rodriguez's family . my aunts and uncles and my father, Robert

They lived at 20 Paladino Ave. Last time I saw them was about 1967/8. They were all adults by then. My uncle Louie lived with my grandmother Amparo. My father, Robert, lived in NJ at the time. It was my grandmother's apartment.

Thanks for your help.
17 May 2008 - Miami, FL

Donna | donnamarie024@aol.com
Rosalie Martino.I'm not sure I have the right person.were you married to Vinny?.
19 May 2008 - upstate ny

Deedee Calamia | elozano1@hvc.rr.com
Grew up in Wilson Projects, last bldg 435 from 1965 to 1986.looking for old friends and some good memories!
17 May 2008

Sabrina Vereen | helenvv@bellsouth.net
I'm sorry to announce that Kimberly Atherton from 10 paladino Ave(Wagner Projects) recently passed away. Please pray for her family.
14 May 2008 - Charlotte nc

chris calamia | cmcala174@aol.com
grew up in wilson hses.106 and fdr.70's 80s.worked in sonnys lunchonette.105-106 1st ave.went to ps 146.brother named jimmy,sister dee dee.one of the very few white families left by the late 80s.greatest memories of my life growing up in "El Barrio".eagles movie theatre.kress dept store.morris toyland.henrys candy store.nancys pizza.anyone one else share these memories???.Great website!!!!!!
13 May 2008 - upstate ny

Sabrina V | helenvv@bellsouth.net
I grew up in Wagner Projects building 10 and then 20. I have 2 sisters Audrey and Paula. Mr. Van and Ms. Hannah are my parents. I would like for everyone to pray for my childhood friends family. Kimberly Atherton from 10 paladino passed on May 8,2008.
9 May 2008 - Charlotte NC

Oscar 100st | anastaciopag@aol.com
This guy had a communication device that would hang three stories down from his window to the street. This is between 3rd and Lex. Kids would come by and "say hello to Oscar". He would sell homemade wooden rubber band guns. He would always say hello. One day we went up to see him. He was crippled. Billy 99st.
6 May 2008 - Brocton, NY

Angie Ramirez | tweety51@hotmail.de
I'm looking for Henry Lopez. He used to live on East 116th Street. He should be around 60 years old now. Last time I heard from him was in 1971.
I would be greatful if somebody can help me find him.
6 May 2008 - Germany

marie cancer | cncma7@aol.com
when i get a little home sick, i visit the guestbook.but there is no resent visitor postings. come on now, keep it flowing! Much Love and Peace!!!
5 May 2008 - charlotte,nc

Denise Bates | DBates572000@yahoo.com
I would like to thank St. Cecelia's and Fr. Gilmore for the beautiful funeral mass that was said for my MOM, Cecilia Gonzalez,on Saturday May 3rd, 2008. MOM attended St. Cecelia's way, way back when she was a child.
Cecilia Gonzalez-March 12, 1934-April 30, 2008.
5 May 2008

c coleman | cucalew@aol.com
I'm looking for Elizabeth Morris from 111th st, we used to live next to each other ,our moms were also good friends. I remember that your birthday is on the 1st or 3rd of June. also whatever happen to the bradley twins? ps. tito its good to know that you went to ps 170, jhs13 and julia richman hs. I also went to all three. what year did you Graduate from Julia Richman?
2 May 2008 - Va

robert asher | rfasher@gmail.com
grew up in east harlem in the 40s.50s.and
60s.east river houses.446 east 105st
2 May 2008 - clay,ny

Don Q | alfredopaganastacio@yahoo.com
A little history: Margaret Knox morphed into Julia Burgos and PS 121 morphed into PS 38. Joe Battan was a black guy, not his wife. Willie Colon was PR.
2 May 2008 - Naguabo PR

Macho 99st | alfredopaganastacio@yahoo.com
Where is Rafael?
PS 109, JHS 99, E.99 ST. The guys from the block have had two reunions already. We are looking for Rafael Caballero he is from the Carver Proyects, he is former JHS 99. While everybody said Joe Bataan was the man. It turns out they were all wrong . The man was Willie Colon. If you see Rafael tell him to check in with Billy who still has the Print Shop on 82nd St.
30 April 2008 - Naguabo PR

James Green | jamesgreen78@comcast.net
A Great Site To Say The Least! Grew up in ER Projects Bldg 451. Attended the ER Reunion two years ago. Does anyone know the date for 2008 ER Reunion Day?
Thanks for your help:
30 April 2008 - JHS 99 Class of 1973 -

a shout out to pilar from cali Noni's sister. I live in east harlem. went to st. cecilia's.graduated in '76. Then went to ST. Jeans. Great web site
28 April 2008 - What happened to JO-JO?

Luz | Dee1OO5@aol.com
Hello All, My Family is from Spanish Harlem i'm really looking for any ifno. On someone i used to go to school with who had the same last name but i cant remember her first shes abouth 24 or 25 was born in 1983 we used to go to PS 121 which is now PS 38 located on 102 street 2 ave. and on my Dad who Died 9 years ago. Left me a few sisters that i dont know so i'm pretty much just trying to get as much info as i can any one who knows him or the family please let me know, OK so his name was Mario Estrada would of been 52 this year they used to call him Papo has a sister name Carmen Her nick name is YiYa my grand father also used to hang out in the corner store that they had on a 101 street and 2nd ave. they called him Canina he also passed a few years after my father. My father used to play the congas with the crew since i could remember till about 1999 when he died right accross the street from the building where the flower shop was that big park next to the school i have pictures for any one who might not remember the name but remember the times thank you guys.
28 April 2008 - Bronx, New York

Rodney Parnther | parntherp@aol.com
Hi Fam,
I lived in Jefferson Houses (1972-1989) @ 2075 Third Ave. I went to PS 57, 96, JHS 45 and Brooklyn Tech HS. My sister Bethrotha went to PS 57, IS 117 and Julia Richman HS. I graduated HS in 1983 and graduated Baruch College in 1988. I ran with alot of cool guys in Jefferson, Johnson, Taft, Foster, Metro North and Wagner Projects. We were some ballin’ fools and when we weren’t playing ball, we were spinning records and rocking the mic - Eddie Gee, Theo Johnson, brothers Alan and Kim Robinson, brothers Terrence and Warren, Aaron and Freddie Collie, his cousin CG (CBS crew stand up!)Vince Moore, Malcolm, Jo-Jo Westbrook, Dwayne and Spud, bros. Butch, Howard and Gerald, Bobby and Pito, Tim Suddreth (Ice from Metro North), bros. Kevin and Wilfred,& Darren and Len from Johnson - I could go on and on. Great memories. I hope everybody is happy and living the lives they wanted to live. If anyone remembers me, get at me. Peace.
28 April 2008 - Northern NJ

Ricardo Arena | doradoel98@yahoo.com
I was Born in Metropolitan Hospital in 1958, and lived in the Jefferson Projects.2185 1st avenue apt. 4D.I went to elementary P.S. 102.I am presently 50 years old. If anyone is from that time and place.contact me que dios te bendiga!
23 April 2008

lou gazzola | bigdaddy@mariconda.com
Hey Lou,
yes,that was my dad. He did tell us a few stories about your dad when we were kids.we left in '66 though my uncle was there until'90 in the st. lucy apts. Whatever happened to young Pete.?I guess Pete sr. passed on.
22 April 2008

mike mariconda | bigdaddy@mariconda.com
bob jacovino/donna.my contact is bigdaddy@mariconda com if you want to try & locate the crew. I didn't know about Vinny's passing. When was that?
22 April 2008

Fernando Mañon | fernprods@yahoo.com
Waso, are you still in the broadcasting business? I am close to retiring from the NYC DOE. I am married and have a home on the "upper east side" and own a condo in Hawaii. Give me a call, bro. (917) 596-3142.
21 April 2008 - New York & Kailua-Kona Hawaii

Tommy Ponterella | tomstom43@optonline.net
Any one who stayed 119 & pleasant ave.I lived 454 e 119st next to the night hawks &holy rosery church.
15 April 2008 - Brooklyn NY

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