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marilyn rodriguez | lynmari0826@yahoo.com
hello all, I am going to try this one more time. I lived at 350 East 124 street on the sixth floor. My mother's name is Daily and my father's name was Juan. I have a brother and a sister their names are liberty(aka libby, john aka papo)we live there from 1974 till I lived there in 1984. Some one has to know who I am. I am looking for any one who knew us. LOL I know it's been years, but you never know
11 March 2009 - I am looking for gloria she lived on the 14th floor

Sam Brown | sambro_1@hotmail.com
I went to PS 170 located on 111th St between 5th and lenox ave from 1959 to 1965. I lived on 114th St and St Nick
22 February 2009

Antonio Ortiz | tiz1@optonline.net
Attended P.S. 78, JHS 45, Monroe HS, Queens and Hunter.lucky and proud to be from El Barrio.Wow the memories.Hey I was a life-guard at TOM JEFF POOL.early 70's
31 January 2009 - Rockland County

Israel Pagan | Israel_2602_2004@yahoo.com
Hi M. Vega. Are you Mary Vega from 104th St? Please let me know.
Israel, Orlando, Florida
30 January 2009 - Orlando, Florida

Israel Pagan | Israel_2602_2004@yahoo.com
Hi M. Vega. Mr. Alpaca here I was also none as Papo. How are you and your brothers. Hope everything is well.
30 January 2009

Elizabeth Bonilla | Antadaron@aol.com
Hello,Israel Pagan. I grew up in 100thSt between 1st and 2nd Avenue from 1957 to 1966. I lived in building #334 and my parents had a grocery store named "La Triunfadora".
27 January 2009

Tony Scala | NERYI@AOL.COM
Hi East Harlem folks. I lived at 2015 First Ave and attended St Lucys and Hang around Cho Choos ( nick name ) ice cream parlour 105th strret. Does anyone e rember.
26 January 2009 - Bronx

Nilda Fontanez | nilosorio@aol.com
Hey love this website my sister Carmen and I check for old friends. I went to P.S. 198 lived on 98th street all my life until I got married in 1973 to Manny Osorio. We now live in the Bronx. We hung out in the park on 96th street and the ice skating rink in Central Park. I went to Washinton Irving High school and to Lehman College and now teach and live in Florida.Love to connect with people from Lexington from 96th street to 106th street and also the caver projects and the Madison aveenue ones across from Mount Sinai hospital whwer I was born. We hung out at the bandshell there. Hope to hear from some old friends . Love all!Nilda
16 January 2009 - Florida

Carmen Heredia | carmencardamone@yahoo.com
I grew up in the East River Projects, Building 405 and attended PS 168, JHS 99, Benjamin Franklin HS and New York City Community College in Brooklyn. I played paddleball mostly on 96 Street. Would love to hear from old friends, classmates, paddleball players.
11 January 2009 - Tampa, FL

Jeanette | mimigonzo2@aol.com
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE I read some wonderful messages about people searching for someone but they RARELY ever leave an email contact for someone to get back to them about their message.
4 January 2009 - UpState New York but grew up in Manhattan

John L. Clemente | johnnyvinyl@optonline.net
Hello, I'm looking for information on two schools in Manhattan; Galvani JHS and New York Industrial HS for Boys. My dad went to both of these schools, graduating in 1935 and 1937, respectively. I'm also looking to collect some history. My father, John A. Clemente, lived at 102 E. 121st St. from the early 30s until he married my mother, Josephine Felice, who lived at 2250 Second Ave., then 242 E. 116 St. until the end of WWII. Any info is appreciated.
25 December 2008 - Clifton, New Jersey

Raymond Talavera | RTalavera@aol.com
I was born at Flower 5th. Avenue Hospital, went to PS 171 and St. Cecilia's Grammar School, and later to Rice High School. I lived in El Barrio for the first 18 years of my life and love going back as often as I can. If anyone out there remembers me, please say hi either here or at my e-mail. Thanks, and God bless!
25 December 2008 - Bronx, NY

Bob Jacovino | rmj5722@aol.com
Sharon, I lived in the same apt building with Vinnie.and hung out with the Cerrato Bros. I also was in St. Lucy's a grade behind them. i moved to Dutchess County in 1969.middle of 7th grade. Please contact me if you like.
17 December 2008

mike mariconda | bigdaddy@mariconda.com
Hey Sharon Fisher,
I was also in your class at st. lucys though I left after the sixth grade. I think I remember you.did you come to st.lucys in the 5th or 6th grade.?. I also recall Victoria Loubriel. My dad had the butcher shop with Petes grocery store on the corner of 104th & 1st avenue. Robert and Ralph were my best friends as we grew up together on the block. My family moved to the Bx too though I kept in touch with the Cerratos for a few more years after we moved. Then lost touch. Would be great to find them. Bummer about
vincent's passing which I found out on this site. Glad to know that you all graduated together.Have you been in touch with anyone else from the class? I still remember the horrible lunches they served at st lucys.and how the nuns forced us to eat them.! Have a great Holiday Season.
10 December 2008 - rockland county

Tony Santiago (fat lou's little bro) | ssantiago022@cfl.rr.com
Joseph Rivera,I am trying to remember who you are I was looking to find some of the fellas too.like paulie from mary's candy store ,danny my man little johnny fat eddie anthony the only italian in our group Big D we used to go to MSG to watch wrestlin to many fellas to name but you all know who you are.Peace to all my boys out there.
6 December 2008 - Florida.

carmen | cucalew@aol.com
I would like to know if any one knows my father, his name is Felix Pereira and everyone called him fito. they call my mom lola.we lived on 111 st. I believe that he had two sisters and a brother. I have not seen him for many years so I don't know if he is alive. he was born in Puerto Rico and moved to new york around 1957.I would like any infomation.thanks.
5 December 2008 - va

Sharon | sharonlt42@aol.com
I went to school with Robert & Ralphie Cerrato and Vinnie Esposito, we all graduated from St. Lucy's together in June 1969, the last class of St. Josita. I was sorry to read that Vinnie passed away. I grew up on first avenue but we moved to the Bronx the same month I graduated. Wonder what happened to the old crowd, I am still in contact with 2 members of that class, Illeana, and Janet. If there is anyone else out there please drop me a line. Would love to hear from you.
23 November 2008 - Catskills

Sharon Fisher Torres | sharonlt42@aol.com
I graduated from St. Lucy's in 1969 with a Victoris Loubriel, any relation?
23 November 2008 - Catskills

Ismael Monell | izzyone@usa2net.net
Hi Barbara Shea, I use to play basketball with danny and little robert at the center on 101st street. I remember you very well. hope all's well. Daddy long legs.
17 November 2008

Stanley W. Morey | sgmorey@verizon.net
Hi" My name is Drr. Stanley Morey, I lived at 115 E. 116th. Would like to know if anyone knew Olga Burgos? or me for that matter in the 50's and 60's
13 November 2008 - Tampa, FL

Antonio Baerga | antonio.baerga@guycarp.com
I was born at Mt. Sinai Hospital in 1965, I live at 303 east 95 Street and attended PS 151 on 91st street. In 1972, We moved to Lexington Housing 110 East 99 st. I attended PS 198 from 1972 to 1976. I tranferred to ST. Francis de Sales, Class of 79. Many call me Tony. I remeber Morris Toyland our Toyrus of el Barrio. I remember the carnival that would come by and set up at 108st lexington Ave. That lot in now a Housing Complex. Does anyone remember me?
13 November 2008 - Easchester in the Bronx

12 November 2008

daisy oliveras | dio81460@aol.com
I"m looking for my fathers family (OLIVERAS) and my 3 half brothers, Luis, Stevie and Frankie. I learned in 2003 that my dad Efrain died in 1999. I have a cousin my the name of Eddie (mother is Sarah Oliveras)
1 November 2008

27 October 2008 - NEW YORK

Shirley | shirleyalva@hotmail.com
Hi to The Geek, yes, I do have brothers name John, Doel, and sisters Mary and Jane. Did you attend Commdr. Shea?
25 October 2008 - Nyack, NY

Rebekah | godwinked@hotmail.com
Hi I live on 110th Still. Is there anyone from the neighborhood who remembers or went to I.S. 29 before it became the Hunter School? I went to both and no one around here can remember that place. Much love to everyone in Clinton Projects and Schomburg Plaza, and all around the Barrio!
26 October 2008 - Hellgate/El Barrio/110 Street

Jimmy Burns | Jamesmrgolf@aol.com
I am looking for any of my friends from the East River projects or any friends that went to Sprout Lake Camp in the early 70's. My family moved to Minnesota in 1972.
25 October 2008 - St Cloud, MN

Jose (Joe) | jose@east-harlem.com
To Carmen Fontanez, Carmen I used to go out with Marie Catrone and in fact was engaged to her when I went into the army. we broke up shortly thereafter. I lived at E.109 st she lived 1936 third ave (right above the pawn shop, that is now long gone. I would love to catch up with her. I graduated from commander shea and wemt to Cardinal Hayes HS. Played ball in the school yard at 117. If you hear from her let me know. By the way I still live in East Harlem!
19 October 2008

TheGeek | tomgthegeekster@yahoo.com
Hey Shirley from Nyack, NY do you have brothers name John, Dewell , Luis (I think) and sisters Mary and Jane.
19 October 2008 - East Harlem

Shandy - Ray Miranda | shandyray@mac.com
Hey I am from 104 Street I attended high school at Cristo Rey New York. I lived here all my life I know this place like the back of my hand. Great site people can do their research about harlem. Jose Rivera rocks!
16 October 2008 - 330 East 104 Street New York Ny 10029

Felix Sanchez / east 96th st | fpsanchez3@hotmail.com
felt a bit sad & nostalgic, so I googled for awhile and discovered that 'spanish harlem' has really

changed. While I have, in the past, traveled to and visited my 'old world barrio' I've been unaware

of the recent accelerated changes. I grew up on east 96th street, so my then world encompassed

the width of everything from the east river to 5th avenue, and the length of 86th to 116th street

and somtimes I'd explore as far as 125th street; by subway, bus and of course by foot. It was

amazing and always an adventure and new.

I attended St. Lucy's, and then St. Francis De Sales. It must have been around 1962 or '63. I

Left after the 5th grade to attend Msgr. William R. Kelly School on west 83rd; that's when I

discovered Broadway and the westside. WOW!

Sometimes I catch a whiff in the air, just a minor aroma and it triggers memories of 'cuchifritos'

from La Mano de Oro on 110th street or the best hotdogs in the world from 'Papaya King' on

86th. more WOW! Does anyone out there remember sister Kathleen Joseph or father Gilhooly;

if so please write. I am also wondering about a girl, Lillian (Rodriguez I think is the correct last name) she was in the 5th grade with me, and I had an incredible crush on her. During that time I lost an aunt, and she really helped me get through it.

Regards & best wishes to all my childhood friends & neighbors. paz
16 October 2008 - New England, Paris, New Jersey

Peter Rodriguez | mercury863@msn.com
Hi,lived in the Carver houses on 102St. Madison.I lived there til 1971 I went to school at P.S.171 and played a lot of stick ball in the school yard. If you remember me please me. God Bless
13 October 2008

Antonio Baerga | antonio.baerga@guycarp.com
I grew up In East Harlem on 99 street. I remember the various stores I would go to. Feldman Brothers, Ponce, Marco, Kress Co with the old man beggin in the front, Happy Roach, Sylvia's, Sara lynn, Gamaltown,Morris toyland, La Marqueta, Blake's pharmacy,The Bakery on 103rd Steet. The Cuchifritos on 116st, I remember the Eagle's and Cosmo Theaters. Nothing like growing up in East Harlem
9 October 2008 - New York

Evelyn Maldonado | Latinacop@gmail.com
Does anyone remember exactly where was Broadway Casino? Address? And does anyone remember a Don Rivero owning it back then?
2 October 2008 - Bronx, NY

Alba Claudio | alba.boyrie@weil.com
This message is for Luis Lamboy who wants to know if johnny colon still has his music school in east harlem. Yes, he does. You can reach him at 646-641-5169
22 September 2008

Claire | starling220@aol.com
Hi everyone I keep hearing about an East River Housing Projects reuion I see I have missed 2 Please someone let me know when the next one will be and or how I can contact the person in charge of the reunion so I can go Thanks I would really appreacite this
15 September 2008 - Elmhurst queens NY

Claire | starling220@aol.com
I lived at 102st East River houses till 1970 I was there for 25 years I doubt anyone would still be there that I knew but would like to hear from someone who did live there for a long time i lived at 427 apt 2A I have many memories I still wonder who is living in 2A now are they happy and wonder how many families lived there after my family left I see a few posts but no email so I cannot respond to them so I will leave mine if you want to reply.
15 September 2008

claire | starling220@aol.com
To Jimmy Burns I don't know you but l also lived there in 427 till 1970 I soubt anyone live there as long as I did 25 years
15 September 2008 - Elmhurst Ny

M.Vega | msmvcastillo@yahoo.com
Hi, I know Mr. Alpaca went to JHS 99 same time. Nice to hear from all you guys.
13 September 2008 - NYC

Alba Claudio | alba.boyrie@weil.com
This message is for Diana Delgado (aka Rios). Diana we went to PS 99 together. I then went on to Central Commercial. I saw your sister Rosie at Old Timers. She game your number. I've been meaning to call you. If you see this give me a call at work at 212-833-3825. I moved back to el barrio from the Bronx about 8 years ago. I know live on E. 105 St.
12 September 2008

5 September 2008 - NEW JERSEY

M.Vega | msmvcastillo@yahoo.com
Hello to all JHS 99 people. I also attended 99 around the time most of you did. Nice to hear from you. Stay save.
2 September 2008 - NYC

growing up in spanish harlem was something i would not trade for NADA.went to ps 206 jhs 45 and park east high school all in el barrio.Just turned 28 moved out to rockland county and im missing spanish harlem so much im proud to come from there i think it's what kept my family so close.so shouts to WAGNER PROJECTS where my parents are still living.shout to dela vega he moved out the hood but he still reps! and shout to all who help spanish harlems legacy grow strong.YUPPIES GO TO THE BX!! IT WILL ALWAYS B SPANISH HARLEM! WELL????
2 September 2008

Shirley | shirleyalva@hotmail.com
I attended Commander Shea and graduated 1973. I played the guitar during mass. It would be great to hear from my graduating class.
28 August 2008 - Nyack, NY

Shauna~Monique | shauny38@verizon.net
I am on a quest trying to locate my father. I figure nothing is impossible and people have found their fathers and mothers in the past- WHY NOT SOME CLOSURE FOR ME RIGHT? I was told by my mother that he performed in @ The Palms Cafe in the late 60's. His stage name was KING. Real name Dave or David? No last name. Might you know anything about that cafe back then?I know that it is no longer there, but I do know that Wilt "The Stilt" Chamberlain owned or co-ownd it with someone else. There has got to be some ol' timers (respectfully put) still around that just enjoy talking about the good ol' days. Can you try to assist me, for I've been trying for almost 20 yrs-I'll be 40 next June and I would love to know who my dad is as well as my brothers/and or sisters which I can feel I have. SMCT

If i dont hear from you i will email you at the end of the month. What if i found him? OMG. My mom and bro. Dont speak. She was lousy2 me. I just pray she told me everything she knew. She told me that he was Black, Chinese, & Indian, & that is hair was so soft he couldn't really go fro. (I think his hair looked like a process?)I'm literally going on a wing and a prayer. Bless u either way. What would be the cost to run an ad in your magazine for about 2wks?
Thanking You Kindly,
12 August 2008 - Yonkers, NY

Michelle Thompson | mimi75@optonline.net
Hello; East Harlem I live in the washington PJ's. I went to Julia Richman H.S and graduated in 1977 I am looking for anyone who was in richman 1975 ,1976 ,1977 I was on the girls basketball team and is looking for those year books and wondering if there was ever a class reunion. can you help.
10 August 2008

Luz | luz1295@hotmail.com
I implore you all, we must bond together and TAKE BACK our community and neighborhood before it becomes a memory. I have lived on 110th street since 1965. When I walk down the streets of mi Barrio I have to put up with eye-rolling from men and women, nasty comments (why don't you go somewhere that you belong), hey I was here before you were and I'll be here when you're gone. We had a code on 110th, we're family, respect. If you have a problem with any of us then maybe this isn't the neighborhood for you, maybe you should go where YOU belong. We will not stand for it. Big up to my peeps at Schomburg, all of us are not stuck up a-holes. I love my neighborhood, its people and culture. If you think you are going to change the neighborhood or us in general, or price us out you are sadly mistaken. We're all family. People such as these new-jacks who put a price on everything from rent to people are not family. You are leeches. Go back downtown.
28 July 2008 - El Barrio

Charlie | charlesrosado@comcast.net
I lived in East Harlem 106 & Lexingto AveI attended St Cecilia School & Church. My godparents were active in the Church- Rosa & Juan Rodriguez. I am wondering how wonderful people they had been to me. This all happened during the 50's & 60's--Does the School still exist?
25 July 2008 - are Rosa & Juan Rodriguez still with us

la negrita | delasepa@aol.com
la nerita de mary y juyo, hec's sis, relative of j. salgado's post; grew up down these mean streets with panther riots, wonderful music & cuchifritos, friendship and solidarity as bataan would sing - have the fondest memories of el barrio, however it is not the way it once was -requerdos a todos y que esten bien- gracias (loved the pic of la marqueta, would go with mom and get her fresh decapitated chicken for sopon on sunday - ummm could smell it now!) God bless
21 July 2008 - sw florida today

Jimmy Burns | Jamesmrgolf@aol.com
I grew up in the East River Projects until 1972. I am looking to connect with anyone that remembers me. Lots of good memories.
17 July 2008 - St.Cloud Minnesota

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