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Robert Nicholas Miranda Jr. | rmiranda123@gmail.com
Hello! I now my family was from what is known as Spanish Harlem from back in the Earlie 1900's or earlier. I'm trying to find anyone who can help me find any of my relatives that might still live in the old neighborhoods or anywhere in NY and how to contact any of them. I know that their was 5 brothers (one being my Grand Father - Nicholas (Nick) Robert Miranda) the family had a grocery store and was well known in the neighborhood. Nick left New York and moved to Miami FL. and became a pilot for Pan Am. He had a Daughter (Nina) and a son (Robert Nicholas). I know my family was known in the Spanish Harlem area back in the 1920's and 1940's. I know I still have family there so any help to contact one of them would be Great!!!! The last known contact was with a cousin named Freddie. Please any help f this family sounds familiar PLEASE email me and let me know how to contact my family, I came to NY this past December and put feet on the ground and actually felt at home and I can not get the city out of my head!!!!!! So any help to find my family would be greatly appreciated. Thank You!
1 February 2010

Eduardo Lebron | eduardolebron@netzero.net
I grew up at the wagner houses and went to Junior High School 45, John S. Roberts. I'm searching for classmates. Class of 1972.
27 January 2010 - Lawrence, MA.

Samuel Sanchez | samissamuel@gmail.com
I was born in 1958. Went to Julia Richman high school - class of 1976. Born and raised at the Washington Houses. Went to Hunter College (BA comp sci), CCNY Sch Eng (MS comp sci), and MBA Johns Hopkins. LOVE MY COMMUNITY!
22 January 2010 - Washington, DC

Rebecca Eddy | rebeccaef@nyc.rr.com
What a terrific site. I grew up in East Harlem on 100th Street, daughter of Norm & Peg Eddy, ministers of the 100th Street Storefront Church, part of the East Harlem Protestant Parish. I still live in El Barrio.
20 January 2010 - New York, NY

Webmaster comments   Thanks Rebecca. I have very fond memories of working with you father from the 70s to the recent past. Hope he is well. Hope the new Costco is not too much of a problem up where you live. God Bless.

Ana Maria Sanchez | AnaMSanchez@si.rr.com
WOW I'm so glad I found this site! I attended St Cecillia’s on 106th st from 1st to 8th grade I believe I gradated in 65 or 66. My classmates were Lillian Rodriguez, Margaret Vega, Evelyn Rodriguez, Roslyn Stainback, Martha Rivera,
Julia Santiago, First or last manes Davila, Marianne Marciano, Martha Rodriquez, Sonia
The boyz Frank Olivencia (my first BF anyone know where he is these days?) Ruben Hernandez Wow…I have been in touch with Lillian Rodriquez. PLEASE e-mail me would love to hear from old school pals. I remember going to Palisades Park (I think) it was for graduation outing. Was it Sr Brian that was our teacher…Anyone remember Fr Dunn? WOW WOW
5 January 2010 - Staten Island NY

John Paul Vega | jpvega123@yahoo.com
I used to live in 2360 First Avenue, wagner projects, my brothers names were, papito"frankie", Reynaldo"Rey, Pedro, "pedrito. we used to hang out with Robert A, Robert E, We are the sons of Petra. It's been 25 years ago.any old friends on this site?, We were neighbors with the Twins "Yvonne and Frances" thier brother's name was pechy. used to hang out also at holy rosary youth center at times.
5 January 2010

kent | Mamboplace7@aol.com
Many attempts to find people from my
neighborhood. Guess they all kicked the
Anyways, still kicking here in Fl.
25 December 2009 - Hollywood Beach, Fl

(Al) Albert Harris | chino_asap@hotmail.com
I was born in Metropolitan Hosp when it was on Welfare Island. I grew up on 100th street, 307 E. 100th stret. My oldest brother was James, nic name Beeno. Brothers John, Mitch,Sam, sisters Connie,Evelyn, and Marion.My friends were the Singletons, Archie gregory, The knowlings (Helicopter Herman). The Utseys (Jessie). I went to PS 109, and JHS 99 both on e. 100th street. Been in the Army and have been travelling and living overseas. Life is still good for me. Ray Diaz is married to my sister Marion for 47yrs now.Oh! the williams family also.
10 December 2009 - Living in Texas now.

Carmen | cucalew@aol.com
Hi, Sam Brown I went to PS 170 during those years. during my 6th grade class I was in Miss Brown's class.and I lived on 111th st next to the school.
1 December 2009 - VA

Sam Brown | sambro_1@hotmail.com
Looking for anyone who attend PS 170 from 1959 to 1965. Accross from them Foster Project
23 November 2009

Joe Rivera | jorivester@gmail.com
To Webmaster: I've tried pointing the mouse over names of people who posted but their e-mail address doesn't show up. Even if i try to post my e-mail in the body of the message it gets rejected and have to resort to using "at" dot com to get it out.
11 November 2009 - Chester, NY

Webmaster comments   I have added the e-mail addresses to the guestbook. They were taken off in an attempt to keep spammers from getting them. Let's see what happens now.

Margaret Harris | sweetnspicey@live.com
I grew up in Wagner Projects 60 Paladino Ave.by East River Drive.Went to Holy Rosary School from Kindergarten to 8th grade. Went to Immaculata H S and St Pius V. I Lived in N Y C from 1958 to 1980 . Hung out 118th street Pleasant Ave. Watched them make the Movie Godfather. Where about 5 neighbor hood kids got paid to play under the fire hydrant. Was cool A few other movies were made about there. Jefferson park I used to like going swimming there or John Jay Park.
Patsy Pizza on 118th and First ave Was a cool place to eat.
The Tropicana I use to dance at. Nice place Would be nice to hear from others around the old neighborhood
6 November 2009

Jose Gonzalez | calpp@surewest.net
For Wanda Santos Ciulla, I haven't been on this site for a while so my apologies for not getting back to you sooner. I definitely remember your brothers Francisco and Sigfredo; I am sorry to hear they passed away. I have been out of New York for many years, I visit once or twice a year. Its been about 2 years since I last saw Manny Villafane who owned the record store on 109th and 3rd avenue and I believe he recently sold it. Do you remember his sister Clara?
7 November 2009 - I am currently living in Sacramento California

Gloria Galante | glo.rose.isis@hotmail.com
It is always so much fun to read these messages. I lived at 430 E. 105th street from 1949 to around 1967. Went to ps168, j.h.99 Remeber all those who we grew up with Gene Marquis, Sha Sha, Michelle and Patsy. Judy, Stewie, Louie, Jerry,Larry, Lorraine, Carol Gavin and Chickie, Joanne to mention a few. I attended St Lucys church, still am in touch with some of the old friends. Look forward to the Gigilo Feast. Anyone from those days do write. Esp.those from 99, Jose, Neilda, Dolores, Edwin and the rest.
1 November 2009 - Florida

Robert | rlopez10@cityyear.org
Hey!!! I'm just here thanking you for your inspirational talk at the City Year After School Heroes Program. It means a lot to the children to hear of success stories from right in their neighborhoods
29 October 2009 - JHS 13 Central Park East Middle School

rosemarie cimmino | spadaror@comcast.net
Hi William its cousin Roe. We haven't talked since my dads funeral. Hope all is well with your family. I don't know if you alrealy know but Aunt Chickie passed away. Would like to hear from you. How is Mario. You can write me via email if you like. With all my love cousin Roe p.s. I am married so my new last name is Spadaro.
29 October 2009 - New Jersey

nilda gandarilla | emaxa@embarqmail.com
Looking for Carmen Cruz,or any of my classmates, we graduated from Julia richman in 1977. I used to live on 106 and 3rd avenue. I also attended ps83 and IS117. I now live in Kissimmee Florida.
21 October 2009

Sharon Fisher Torres | sharonlt42@aol.com
I was thinking the very same thing about the email addresses. Pointing at the name is not working for me. LOL
22 October 2009 - Upstate New York

Shawn Hayes | shawnehayes@gmail.com
Everyone says: "email me" but you cant see anyones email unless they leave it in the message. Am I missing something?
22 October 2009

Webmaster comments   E-mails are hidden because spambot make their rounds to website grapping e-mails to later spam. If you point your mouse over the name you will see their e-mail.

Shirley Alvarado | shirleyalva@hotmail.com
Hi Thalia, Agustina and I have been looking for you for awhile. We have been able to contact some of our friends from school. Please contact me at shirleyalva26 at gmail. It's so nice to see you here!
18 October 2009

Joe Torres | joetorressantana@gmail.com
Any one from Wagner projects , JHS 45, PS80. we have a group of old friends . Anyone interested , you can find us in Face Book under Wagner projects
16 October 2009 - Puerto Rico

Sharon Fisher Torres | sharonlt42@aol.com
Oh Jacqui I am so sorry to hear about your mom passing, she was so nice to me always. I wish I could have seen her once again. Please contact me at my email address. Its Sharonlt42 at G mail. I would love to hear from you. Love to you and the family. contact me soon xoxoxoxoxo
15 October 2009 - Upstate New York

Miriam Alvarado | mimaalvarado@aol.com
I lived in 435 E 105 st in the East river Projects Until 1969. I went to PS 146 and then to JHS 99. Looking for friends.Have 2 brothers. Only remember first names.Heidi,Jane, Louie,Bartolo,Hector,Noemi&brother Bobby,Gonzalez Family that moved to Ohio,Freddie, Elizabeth, Evelyn.From other building Chino,etc.So many memories and would love to find some of my friends. I now live in PR.
11 October 2009 - Puerto Rico

Tony Colaciello | tcolaciello@wideband.net.au
Trying to find our friends Chris his wife Delia her brother Oscar & Ruben and wife who we met in Europe 2005 on a Cosmos tour. We are visiting Florida and would luv to meet up with u.
6 October 2009 - Orlando Florida USA

Jacqui Gregorio Quigg | quigg@aol.com
Hey Sharon,
We doing okay here. Sorry to tell you but my mum passed away 3 years ago. we all miss her. all of my brother's and sisters (10) are happily married with families. how is life going for you and the family?

great to here from you and don't forget, even though your probably a Yankee's fan, some Red Sox fans in Boston love you all very much.

love Jacqui
6 October 2009 - Boston, MA

Israel Pagan | Israel_2602_2004@yahoo.com
Yes Mary, it's me and I'm so very happy to hear from you. If there's an email address I can use to write to you it would be a blessing. I owe you more than you can imagine. Take care and God bless.
6 October 2009

thalia reyes | thaliarey@hotmail.com
Shirley, I remember you. Yes you played guitar, played basketball and a friend of yours is Augustina?
4 October 2009 - USVI

Carmen | cucalew@aol.com
Hi Rosalie, which building did you live in at 111th st.my family lived at 16-22. my grandmother owned a grocery story on the block.you may know my aunts and uncle. they went to ps 170 about the same time you did.
3 October 2009 - VA

Ruben Hernandez | RHernandez17@cfl.rr.com
Ref: Lizzy Gonzalez post about Tito Gonzalez who played piano with Joe Bataan's Band. Yes, Tito played with me with Bataan. Do you have any info on how I could get a hold of him? Let me know
1 October 2009 - Deltona, FLorida

Rosalie | RosalieLovesMusic@hotmail.com
I lived on 111th Street and attended P.S. 170 on 111th Street, between 5th Ave. and Lenox Ave., from 1948 - 1955. Any of my school mates out there?
30 September 2009 - Los Angeles

Nancy Cruz | cruznancy51@yahoo.com
Hi I,m Nancy Cruz and I am looking for friends from St. Cecilia's School. I studied there between 1959 to 1964. My brother also studied there around the same time. After that our parents decided to move back to the island. So if anybody was in the school those years please send me a message. O.K.
28 September 2009

M.Vega | msmvcastillo@yahoo.com
Hi Papo, yes, I did lived in 104st but also in 105st lex.ave not sure if u remember. If so let me know. By the way was your father named Ismael had a brother named Carlos don't remember the other one. But I do remember a sister in P.R. If this is u let me know.
27 September 2009 - Queens, NY

Kathy Celentano Hemhauser | banker@sc.rr.com
Looking for old friends from east 116st.
from 1960-1970
26 September 2009

Carlos Sanchez Laboy | cslaboy@aol.com
Jeanette Mayol. Daughter of Norma. Sister to Richard. Saw your post. This is your cousin Carlos. Brother to Delia. Papy, Leticia and Lolita. WE've been looking for you for years. Heard about Gloria. May she rest in peace. Wish we were there to support you. Please call me; 646-963-0863. We all miss you and want to make contact with you. We love you. Your cousin Carlos
24 September 2009 - Bronx, NY

Carlos Laboy | carloslaboy@optimum.net
Jeanette, is is your cousin Carlos, brother to Delia, Papy, Leticia and Lolita, your cousins. Your message to email you but there is no email address listed. Please contact me either on Facebook or myspace. We miss and love you. We also did'nt know about Gloria. May she rest in peace. Wish we were there.
24 September 2009 - Bronx, NY

Alberto | alrosario2000@yahoo.com
What's Happening Freddie?
Good to hear from you. Are you still in Illinois? We are still here in California. Send me an e-mail so we can talk. Take care.
22 September 2009 - Buena Park, Orange County, California

Nelson Rodriguez | nreodriguez@gmail.com
re:Anyone out there remember the Gonzalez Family from Carver Projects on 99th Street between Park and Madison. My brothers Louie and Tito. Tito use to play with Joe Bataan back when I was a young girl. I grew up Lizzy Gonzalez and lived in the projects till I left when I went away to college in 1978. Both my mom, Carmen, and my dad, Quiso, passed away. Just wondering if anyone out there remembers them. I remember the parties on Friday and Saturdays at my parents house. I went to St. Francis De Sales. I was born in Mt. Sinai, I remember Mets supermarket, buyin coquito on the streets, the hot dog stands, wow it's been years!
30 March 2008 - Hamilton, OHio

Yes,do you remember David Gonde, lefty, Jimmy? david and his brother were also in a band as well. I lived in the carver projects as well on 50 east 102nd street. My brothers and sisters were Freddy , Noel, Sylvia Rodriguez.
I miss the old Spanish Harlem as well I also remember met food and the old movie theater Azteca on the corner . that theater was build in 1925. We only lived there from 1968 to 1989.
13 September 2009 - Orlando, Florida

D. Martin | delyma@aol.com
Hi. I'm trying to find out more information on my grandfather, Horace "Sonny" Brown. He died at age 63 in November, 1979 and his last residence was 219 E. 97th St., NYC. If anyone has any information or photos of him, please email me: DELYMA (AT) AOL (DOT) COM. Thanks!
12 September 2009 - New York

Miriam Garcia (Couturte) | caribereina@yahoo.com
I sent a message a few weeks ago and I still have not seen it posted on your website. I am looking for former classmates (JHS 99 and Central Commercial HS). I am also looking for anyone that remembers the Garcias from the Wilson Projects and the Narvaez' from the East River Projects. My brothers are Rubin, Isaac, Freddy, and Danny. My sister is Nereida aka Gugi. I will be visiting El Barrio October 11, 2009.
3 September 2009 - Ronan, Montana

Miriam Garcia (Couture) | caribereina@yahoo.com
I am still looking for former classmates or anyone who remembers the Garcias from the Wilson Projects (425 E. l05 St.) My brothers are Ruben, Isaac, Freddy and Danny. I also have a sister named Nereida (Gugy). We lived in apartment 20D from 1963-1977. I went to JHS 99 and Central Commercial High School. I am also looking for t he children of Mary Gilliams. They used to live in Apartment 20A. We are related to the Narvaez family (Nilsa, Mercedes, Benjamin, Justino, Gladys, Iris, and Aida. I am now living in Montana.
23 August 2009 - Montana

Mary Frances Castanera | mfmarrer@aol.com
I grew up in East Harlem and lived on 102nd Street. I attended St. Cecilia's Grammar School from 1957 through 1965. I have been trying to find two of my dearest friends, German Colon and Jose--alias "Red" who were a big part of my life back then. German lived on 106th Street and Lexington Avenue. If anyone knows where I might reach either of them, please contact me.Thank you so much.
22 August 2009 - I live now in Flushing, Queens NY.

WanDa Santos Ciulla | Ladyrain7@aol.com
To Jose Gonzalez:
My brothers, Francisco and Sigfredo Santos went to Rice HS.and were friends with Campos, Camacho and Villafane. Where are they now?? Do you know?
They all played BB for RHS.
My brothers, Frankie and Chicky, as he was called, are both deceased.
Looking for some of our mutual friends.
We attended St Cecilias'.and lived on 104th & Second by Pace Funeral Home.
My large RN Graduation picture graced the center of 'la vitrina', of Rene Photo Studio on 116th for many years.until I called him from IL.to ask him to send it to me.I worked at Metropolitan Hospital as an RN from '71-'74
22 August 2009 - Paris

Shandy Ray Miranda | shandyray@mac.com
I recently visited East Harlem after living in Los Angeles for a little bit. Many things have changed mostly because there are many construction jobs. especially my building on East 104th Street. It is great to be back in East Harlem after being in a fake place like LA. I lived in the 10029 zip code all my life. Also St. Lucy's Parish is still up and going. Father Palomino is still the priest. Have a great time in East Harlem guys!
21 August 2009 - Los Angeles, California

Joe Matagrano | jmatagrano@optonline.net
I grew up in the East River Housing projects building 40o in the 50's.
20 August 2009

warner traynham jr | watr24@yahoo.com
I'm a graduate of Julia Richman the class of 1980. I miss my classmates. I'm trying to find some of my old friends. I grew up in Taft Projects on 112th St and Park Ave. I attended Taft Day last month and enjoyed myself. I was so goood to be back home. I enjoyed seeing all the changes in Spanish Harlem. I'm now living in North Carolina, but there in no place like NYC.
9 August 2009 - north carolina

J. matagrano | jmatagrano@optonline.net
I was born in the East River Housing projects in 1941 and lived there until 1962. I lived at 400 E. 105th Street
13 August 2009

Sharon Fisher Torres | sharonlt42@aol.com
Hey, Nilsa, I remember Miss Orenstein also. I can't remember what grade she taught me in, oh no, my memory is going. LOL Maybe we were in the same class. She was so nice, she also taught my brother. I saw her when I was in High School and she recognized me, and I didn't recognize her. We were at a gas station and she said aren't you Sharon, I was shocked she remembered me, she was just so sweet. Thank you for reminding me of her.
28 July 2009 - Upstate New York

Sharon Fisher Gregorio | sharonlt42@aol.com
Hey, Nilsa, I remember Miss Orenstein also. I can't remember what grade she taught me in, oh no, my memory is going. LOL Maybe we were in the same class. She was so nice, she also taught my brother. I saw her when I was in High School and she recognized me, and I didn't recognize her. We were at a gas station and she said aren't you Sharon, I was shocked she remembered me, she was just so sweet. Thank you for reminding me of her.
28 July 2009 - Upstate New York

Sharon Fisher Torres | Sharonlt42@aol.com
Hi Jacqui, yes my dad was Frank and I remember you very well. Do you remember visiting me in NY when we were small and I visited you also. How is the family? I would love to hear from you. How funny you found me here. xoxo Sharon
28 July 2009 - Upstate New York

Nelida Sanchez Calderon | polite13@optonline.net
I was raised in El Barrio during the 50s on 109th Street between 3rd and Lexington. Believe it or not my dream has always been to visit the apartment I was raised in, 804 or l84 (don't remember the number but know the building) If this is possible, please let me know
28 July 2009

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