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Dennis Cotto | dcottoesq@gmail.com
Hi. I grew up at 2360 First Avenue, Wagner Projects in the 60s and 70s. I love this site and wanted to catch up with any old friends. I was lucky. I went to college and law school and now live in DC.
3 September 2012

Linda Bennett | ltbfoster@yahoo.com
The Bennetts lived at 410 E 105th Apt #10G. I am the last of the seven siblings. I attended St. Cecilia School on 106th Street bet. 2nd and 3rd Avenues. Yes, I remember the stores, places and even the jumping of rope near the flag pole and the nursery. Our daughter attend Hunter College Elementary & H.S., Harvard University and NYS Law School.
22 July 2012 - Pelham Parkway

Joseph A. Burgos | AGNER@webtv.net
I presented my paintings and sculpture in tribute to Roberto Clemente at La Casa de la Herencia Cultural Puertorriqeña on Saturday, June 23, 2012. Everyone enjoyed the show, many thanks to all.
24 June 2012 - New York

Joseph Burgos | AGNER@webtv.net
Nephew of Julia de Burgos at La Casa de la Herencia Cultural Puertorriqueña for the Community Arts Series: Images and Reflections of Our Culture. An exhibition and showcase of contemporary Latino Art depicting different perspectives of the Puerto Rican experience in the Diaspora. Phyllis Sanfiorenzo, Joseph A. Burgos and JanCarlo Vega exhibit their paintings and sculptures.  Enjoy JanCarlo*s live painting, and live entertainment by La Rondalla de Cuatros de la Casa or Siembra Maestra (TBA) Refreshments will be served. Saturday June 23, 2012  3:00 - 9:00 P.M. La Casa de la Herencia Cultural  Puertorriqueña, Inc. 1230 Fifth Avenue, 4th floor - 458 New York, New York 10029 (Corner Fifth Avenue & 104th Street) For additional information, contact La Casa at (1-212) 722-2600.
22 June 2012

Carol | elias_carol@hotmail.com
Happy I came across this site. I lived in the Wilson Projects (425-middle building)from 1960 to 1969. Great times and wonderful memories.
13 June 2012

mina reyesd | dex_mina@yahoo.com
Looking for my 1/2 brothers and sisters fathers nickname Tony, his sisters name Betty, my mothers name is Lillian would like to connect with you all
6 June 2012 - nyc, bronx

Patricia | Patricia_johnson54@yahoo.com
Butch I love you baby! just trust me! Believe me Love! When we gonna make this happen?
22 May 2012 - Wilfredo (Black Cow) Lamb

Leon | Doowopkid1942@yahoo.com
My name is Porky I was born in 1942 on E. 110 St between 2nd and 3rd Ave and lived there until 1958. Anyone remembering me please contact me. I would love to hear from old friends and maybe a possible reunion.
12 May 2012 - New Dorp Beach Staten Island NY.

john matagrano | lexy1942@aol.com
anyone rember the matagrano live at 400 e 105 st apt ig
27 April 2012 - arizona

Angelo | angel421@gmail.com
Looking for Helen Rodriquez.She lived at 230 E. 102nd St. 5th Floor.was friends with Debra (same building) and had a younger brother named Joe.
5 April 2012 - Bronx, NY

Maritza Maldonado | Ritzypr@gmail.com
Wow what a great site this has been for me growning up on 119th st 1st& pleasant ave hang out in Jefferson park playing paddleball and hanging out at the pool wow great times.Miss all my dear friends that are still there.Much Love
1 April 2012 - From Spanish Harlem in Rochester ny

Ralph | Barrioboy@optonline.net
I grew up in the Carver houses in El Barrio. I went to PS 171 and PS 198 for grade school. Graduated Wagner J.H.S. in 1965. Attended New York School of Printing from 1965-1968. I would love to hear from anyone that either went to these schools or lived on 99st in Carver from 1950 thru 1998. I left El Barrio in 1998, but the Barrio will always be my home. I went by the name of Tequila!!
1 April 2012

Joe Salz | jsalz2078@yahoo.com
I am looking for a reunion of the class of 1971 at ST. Ann's from 110ST.
19 March 2012 - Bronx new York

sheila c rivera | mcaubree@aol.com
class of 59 st cecilia 106
17 March 2012 - where is everyone?

Iris Silva | boricua11973@yahoo.com
HI im so glad to have found this site, i went to p.s.101/bridge school back in 85-89 if anyone remembers me hit me up. Mr friedman was principal at the time
1 March 2012 - i now live in Pennsylvania

Patricia Johnson | patricia_johnson54@yahoo.com
I'm looking for solomon Butler from Grant Projects. Karim if your out there please Holla!
3 February 2012 - United States

Patricia Johnson | patricia_johnson54@yahoo.com
Where in the World is Black Cow, he was my teenage boyfriend, I met him the very first day I moved into carver houses.
3 February 2012 - United States

25 January 2012

sheila cabrera rivera | mcaubree@aol.com
anyone remembers dyclia pagan? manny fingers browine bunch of guys hangout 112 3rd ave jefferson project side oh and manny rivera? the group has to be mid 60's or late 60's lol
21 January 2012

sheila cabrera rivera | mcaubree@aol.com
thank you jb rivera never did thank you for this site anyone remembers the seneca 109 lex going back in years comas brothers 110st lex and park
21 January 2012 - what happen to the young lords like gonzales and the rest

Yarili Wilson | mzvirgo83@gmail.com
Hi I'm trying to help my husband find his family. They lived in Carver projects. Apt 11c.has uncle skeety( Milton Wilson),jaime Wilson,Joy Wilson. His father past but his name was Bookey( Philip Wilson), grandma was Estelle Wilson.
25 January 2012

J Arlequin aka flaco or pedrito | arlequin60mm@yahoo.com
Hillo El Barrio familia lived at 405 E 105th St. since 1972 to present mom still live in the building. Miss the old days.It has change so much, am glad that I was able to enjoy those great days. hanged around 106 bet. 1 & 2 av. but also did my rounds to every blocks in spanich harlem,great old days.
19 January 2012 - was in NC now back in Bronx NY

morgan | st.marychildren@tut.by
3 January 2012

Ismael Manny Carlo,,,,,AKA Nunu | digitalinkla@yahoo.com
Hi, I was born and raised on 103rd street, between Lexington and 3rd. 150 to be exact. My grandmother's name was Carmen Lopez, My step Dad is Georgie Baez. My mother's name is Nancy Lopez. My real father's name is Ismael East Carlo. looking for anyone from the old neighborhood who would know any of these peeps. Also spent the last few years from late 70's to early 1983 on 117th Street beteen 1st and Plesant.
14 December 2011 - In Los Angeles, California

Maria Kaufman | markau@optonline.net
I lived on 103rd Street and Lex went to St.Lucy's 1962-1968 Grand ma lived on 102nd and Third hung out with my buddys Theresa Janice and Matilida My maiden name is Fichera
26 October 2011

Joe Sal | Jsalz2078@yahoo.com
I grew up in East Harlem in the 50's, 60's and 70's, I went to school on 110ST Saint Ann's and Graduated in 1971. I hang out 108St and 106ST. I loved when football season started and they had the two hand touch league on 108St and 2nd Ave. East Harlem was the best place in the world to grow in.
27 October 2011 - New York Bronx

Cherisse Williamson | cherwill@att.net
Wow - so nice to find this website~ I grew up in Taft projects~ bldg ~ 70 E. 116th street. anyone from this area??? Taft, jefferson or Johnson projects??? - .
27 October 2011 - I live in Los Angeles, CA

David Monteleone | david@monteleone.us

Im currently trying to locate a woman who grew up at 346 106th St. Her name is Jessica Annunziata.She would have lived there during the early 60's. Im not sure what high school she went to but hopefully with some help someone will remember her. I believe it was a Catholic school. Please let me know if you have any information. Her parents names were Ida and John but he was referred to as Jack.

4 October 2011 - Connecticut

Baby | cpezzullo@hotmail.com
Hi, I too miss the good old days on 105th Street - Fritz took good care of us when we played in the park on 105th Street bet lex and 3rd. Went to P.S. 107 from 1952 - 1958 - had Ms. Brown, Ms. DeLucia, Ms. McConaughy, Ms. Tulchinsky - Love visiting the neighborhood - eating at LaFonda Borinquen - which is now closed. Thanks for the memories.
2 October 2011

harry pagan | hpagan9@tampabay.rr.com
I am looking for my cousin ester marie she must be married but,her maiden name is jimenez and I think she work in day care on madison n 115th st. pleease tell her her cuz lives in florida and he is on facebook.it has been 46 years and I need to hear from her soon.
24 September 2011 - new york

robert abrew | tito252@verizon.net
my name is robert i grew up in the carver houses 50 e 102 st my dads name was carlos and he use to make bus rides to different places just want to see if i get any feed back thanks
11 September 2011 - bronx ny

Hector | bichita10@aol.com
Does anyone know location of Carver House reunion for 2011? I hear it is the first Saturday in August.can anyone confirm and/or provide info. Would luv to go and catch up with "old" friends.
28 July 2011

Manny Segarra | manesegarra@gmail.com
Getting Together at old timers day in 111 st
14 July 2011 - El Barrio

Joseph J Straci | cstraci@optonline.net
Read with great interest an article by Romeo Spadotto in the East Harlem Press about life in "Hun six" street going back to the 1930s. I would like to contact Mr Romeo Spadotto who is a long time and lost friend. Perhaps you can help.
10 July 2011 - Westchester New York by way of Tunisia

Marlene Cirko | mcirko1@gmail.com
I am looking for anna torres. She used to live in naperville illinois and has three kids Daniel and Roberto jr her x husband is a fireman My son Cj misses. Your son jr and we lost your phone number we live in aurora illinois now
6 July 2011 - illinois

Dottie | wrebekah69@yahoo.com
Kress, Morris Toyland, Jamal Town, The Underground, Energy 2000, Union Dime Savings Bank, The Wiz, Thom McCann, Fayva, Mafuz, The little pizza shop across the street from PS 108, Aguliar Library and the candy store next door where you could buy candy for pennies, Ernie's Stationary store on Lexington, DeWitt Clinton Houses, La Marketa, the slaughter houses on 2nd Avenue, The crappy bar on 110 and Lexington in front of the 6 train station, Feldman Brothers, Tom, Dick and Harry, El Barrio Bakery. How time flies.
5 July 2011 - El Barrio

Luz (Lucy ) Bonilla | sinalu48@aol.com
Hi I came from PR in 1957 and lived in 100th St. between 1st and 2nd ave. My mom had a Bodega at 330 East 100th. Does anyone remember her (Nelin)I attend PS 109 and JHS 99
1 July 2011

Eddie DeJesus | kdejesus75@hotmail.com
I am looking for my fathers brothers, Ismael Montalvo AKA Shorty, Carlos Montalvo and Efrain DeJesus. I am the son of Carmelo.
25 May 2011 - Jacksonville, Florida

10 April 2011

sheila cabrera rivera | mcaubree@aol.com
lived on 109st befoe the projects bldg #121.moved to 112st 2nd ave 2190 great times in el barrio. moved to west nyack lived there for 25 years,now live in vegas.nothing like the barrio. went to all the clubs local hang out christophers on 105st anyone remembers me?
3 April 2011

Peggy | peg2039@aol.com
Just wanted to update my message.
Once again.Hi everyone. I lived on 118st bet pleasant and 1st., then we moved to 115 Jefferson PJ’s. I went to 165 ( I think) and 45 and then Ben Franklin. In my hey days I went out with a fella who went by the name Scoobie/ Indio (RIP). I played a mean paddleball game. (I still can ) lol . my mom (Dalila) owned the Bar on 116 and Second called The Pavilion. Who's name changed to the Latin palace. Mom use to also be a crossing guard on 116 2nd and we had a candy store across from the bank, on 2nd ave.
I loved Rex's ices and ate bkft at delightful after the clubs. Jefferson pool was the place to be in the summer. and at night we would hop the fence.(if my mom only knew) 118 school yard by the handball park was my hangout. I remember so many dear friends . Kimba. chachi. Eddie Eba. etc. it’s funny because I attend the stickball festival ever year on 111st to see who I can recognized from back in the day and I seldom do.
So, if any one remembers me-dimples and all email me. I'd love to hear from you. thanks
8 March 2011 - Pelham bay. da Bronx

Margaret (Sarli) and John Russotto | jcrussotto@msn.com
We are mother and son, both of us born in East Harlem on 120th Street and 1st Avenue. We left the old neighborhood in 1953 after the City bought our property and forced us to move away. Margaret is now 91 and John is 62. We would welcome anyone to contact us who remembers those of us who lived in East Harlem and went to church at Holy Rosary Parish.
3 March 2011 - Alexandria, Virginia

Doris Caban | doris.caban@mssm.edu
Bobby, call me at 917-692-6285 - Amparo's grandaughter.
14 February 2011 - El Barrio

Doris Caban | doris.caban@mssm.edu
Bobby - I am Amparo's grandaughter from 20 Paladino Ave. Please contact me.
13 February 2011

Doris Caban | doris.caban@mssm.edu
Bobby - I am Amparo's grandaugther from 20 Paladino Avenue. Please Contact me.
13 February 2011 - New York

Robert Betancourt | sensei19501@verizon.net
I’ve embarked upon a sentimental journey and would like to reconnect with friends from the old neighborhood. I grew up in Spanish Harlem ("El Barrio") from 1950 through early 1970s. My parents Roberto and Crucita where well known in the neighborhood. I have an older sister Ramona and younger brother Jesse and sister Margie. I attended PS 121, JHS 99 and Seward Park HS and SUNYA. I went to the Church of Holy Agony and taught Martial Arts at St. Lucy’s Church auditorium during the late 60s and early 70s. You can find more info on Facebook and Linked(IN). Regards to all and best always.
9 February 2011 - Lewes, DE

Shirleen | forrester.shirleen@yahoo.com
Wow the Spirit of East Harlem brings back memories. My grandmother lived on that block at that time. Hernandez, Ortiz, Sepulveda family. 6 aunts and uncles lived in the same bldg next to the cleaners and bodega. The lady in the apron is my great Aunt Carmelina Sanchez.
31 January 2011 - Tampa,Fl

e286 | eyleenh286@hotmail.com
finally got accepted for public housing on East 99th and madison but is debating if i should take it, wondering how bad are those projects any suggestions. is it worth me moving or just pay the high price rent in for a one bedroom for 1000.00 Vs 600,for a two. when the does the cycle of poverty end as i grew up in the pjs and should i subject my two beautiful daughter to life of poverty and uneducated people???
29 January 2011 - Projects or not

Benito (Ben) DiMuro | cookie04@bellsouth.net
Grew up on 117th St & Pleasant Ave.
East River Drive. Played stick ball,
in the 40's played until I left for
Korea. Returned and moved on, lost contact with a lot of people that I used to play stick ball with. It was hard to go back to the old neighborhood, because I came a law enforcement officer. A lot of good people and a lot of good times.
10 January 2011 - Florida

JOE TORRES | joetorressantana@gmail.com
8 January 2011

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